Sunday, 21 June 2009



Hey everyone, finally an update! Today was a lazy Sunday so I decided to dig around my makeup stash and create a look using low-end makeup... orginally I planned to create a blue and yellow look but... its turned to a gold, soft black and blue look with heavy smudged black lowerlid. Excuse the extremly clumpy eyelashes

Saturday, 6 June 2009


Dita Von Teese inspired makeup with a slight 1920's/Dior touch.. she looks so glamorous!

The blending of the cheek blush creation is really bad but I like the eyes

Not really makeup due to the HEAVY editing but I did this "rebel" couture look... this image is mainly about the styling.

Hey everyone just wanted to post my past looks from a year ago and for you to see my progression! Here's a great way of introducing my dear friend Michelle who loves to model for me :) These were done in my GCSE'S days for art and media.. Enjoy!