Monday, 28 June 2010


E.S and M.G! Best friends, awwwh!

E.S- smokey brown eyes, bronzed face and nude lips

M.G- smokey purple eyes, pink matte cheeks and 'natural' lips (no foundation btw- she didn't plan on having a trial today, so couldn't bring her base)

S.H's end result for her bf's prom, there should be another trial photo with her on Wednesday!

Hey guys! Today's trial went much better and I've returned back to using eye pencils on clients as I seem to have more 'control' then gel at this moment in time.

Anyway E.S went for a 'typical' look A LOT of clients have been asking for. Not that I'm against smokey brown eyes as its generally flattering!

M.G is actually my first ever client using bold coloured eye-shadows which was nice to have a change and play around with other shades in my kit! So if any potential clients reads this smokey eyes doesn't have to just be blacks/browns-colours do work without looking garish!

Also this trial was so much fun and ended up being a good catch-up session as we haven't really had any time to 'chill', with exams going on. E.S and M.G are really good friends of mine and particularly E.S who I've been very good friends for 7 years (yes since year 7)!

Hope you enjoyed the trial photos! E.S has also got me hooked on Spotify- I know I'm late on the bandwagon.

Talk soon x x x

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Hey guys just a ramble from me. I just had my trial with R.T and I feel so down. I swear anything that could of gone wrong, went wrong.
I know I am very critical of myself but after the trial I'm left wondering should I even be doing make-up? Never mind people actually paying me!
Things that went wrong were lashes not staying on - again, eye-shadow pigmentation issues - I use these products on myself with no issues but when I start applying them on other people they are a 'biatch' to pack on, blending, eye-liner.... ahh the list go on.
I know I did do two different eye 'looks' but the trial went on for almost 3 hours. CRAZY. I had to leave R.T with one 'finished' ideal eye and one 'botched' eye on the other cause the liner and eye-shadow was a pain to fix (her eyes watered= smudged make-up).
My mum offered her support with "practice makes perfect L.F" which as clich├ęd as it sounds.... is erm... true! And I suppose this was the trial so it was the time to see what worked and what didn't.
Conclusion? STOP whining L.F and keep practising!
Anyway why have I not been doing my promised posts?
  1. I've been babysitting! N.P is so energetic and hands on..... and to think I would just be sitting down supervising lol.
  2. My skin has broken out like CRAZY. I have a massive cyst-thing on my cheek!
  3. I've been 'messing' around with fake tan and I may of gone overboard?
Sorry no trial photos but I was WAY too over time. I have 2 more trials this week and Friday I have 4 full faces and Saturday (P.H.G.S prom) I will obviously be doing my face and 2 full faces and 2 eyes I think.

Monday, 21 June 2010


Note I had this make-up on for a good 8 hours! For once the weather was actually nice so had the opportunity to dig out my sun-glasses- yay! However I 'HATE' sunny weather, it makes my oh-so-annoying oily skin, well more annoying. ATM not sure if the benefits of a wrinkle free forehead and nose will be worth the wait.
Anyway I decided to do a thick winged out eyeliner today and the lady at M.A.C was like "ohhh, did you do it yourself?" Which is always nice :D Random tangent but how old do I look? I'm not bothered about aging but I hate how I just have this 'mature' not 18 face'!!!

Zara- £9.99, so pricey for me (and TOTALLY not worth the price tag) but I just love the print of cats!! DAMN you Miu Miu!!!!

Models Own- Lilac Dream £5
Rimmel London 60 seconds- 825 Sky High £4?!

Back-to-M.A.C! I know I have quite a few lipsticks but I wanted a 'everyday' wearable shade that made my lips look natural-but-better! So I picked Fanfare lipstick which is a cremesheen formula and is described by M.A.C as a mid-tone yellow pink.

Bad bad bad L.F. Models Own- Champagne £5 and the nail thingy-ma-bob came free (usually £3). Utter impulse buy!

Ardell Fashion Lashes- 117 £5, these are for my prom btw!

I LOVE Ardell lashes and I'm so glad the UK now stock them. They are as you can see 100% human hair, which means they not only super-lightweight and easy to put on they blend really naturally unlike the typical plastic kind.

They come in a huge range of designs (Boots anyway) and I chose these babies instead of the infamous demi-wispies ( which I do love too) as I wanted something different. I know the lashes are dramatic but I think you can tell I don't mind experimenting. For those who like more 'classic' tame lashes they stock more subtle designs too :)

Topshop- £3 (sale). I would NEVER pay the usual £12, pffft. Thinking of wearing this with white shirt, hair up with strong lips? Pretty sad that I'm planning a look for a non-existent event isn't it?

Hello guys!!! I am back with a teeny haul! Since my sister came back from uni' I haven't had time for 'sister time' with my exams and all and after my exams were over, times started clashing but today we finally had time to SHOP!

I did more of the shopping as usual and as usual I persuaded my sister to buy unnecessary items (hehehe, I so should be a sales women)! C.F being lovely also treated me to Wagamama's (never knew there was one in Leeds)! Which was nice and.....expensive! 'Fit' waiter though.......

Talk soon!

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Lisa Eldrige: Boots No7 75th Anniversary Shoot - 1940s - Ben Hassett - 2010

Without flash, so colours are more true to life.

No good with hair I'm afraid!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


My wonderful clients!



I am really pleased with the outcome of my trials! It was a challenge working with mono lids but I learnt a lot. And I also LOVE LOVE LOVE M.A.C's select cover-up concealer, its so amazing for covering up any redness!!!

Next trial is with R.T on the 26th!


I got this award from Lucie Lovely Cupcake

The rules are:
State 5 random facts about yourself and tag 5 blogger
  1. I love watching serial killers documentaries especially ones about Jeffery Dahmer.
  2. I am RUBBISH at maths!!
  3. I used to be obsessed with Blink-182 and it was the only band I would listen to 24/7.
  4. My guilty pleasure film is Madagascar! It makes me laugh so much.
  5. I used to be addicted to ear piercings and would just get one done every time I was in town. I did have 10, but now I only have 8!
I tag:

and this one from Sophie-Lou-J-Says...!

Rules of this award are:
1. Thanks the person who gave this award to you.- thank you Sophie-Lou-J!
2.Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3.List 3 things which you love about your self.
4.Post a picture you love.
5.Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.

3 things I love:
1. Anything lemon related, my favourite smell ever.
2. All things French! I know its a trend now but I seriously love the French culture/lifestyle... and the accent! Hello Francois Nars!
3. My best friend M.C! We've been best friends for about 11 years? And we've only fallen out twice. I like how we bounce off each other and every time we walk up to ASDA it rains.....ALWAYS!!!
M.F when she was 3 or 4?

I tag:

Sorry it took me awhile to pass on the tags!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010



I got these from and are priced at £8.99 each.

I finally got suckered in from the hype from Youtube/blogger and whilst the website had 10% entire store sale... I took advantage. I haven't had enough time to play with them to share my thoughts but these are a good investment for my kit as I can now mix any colour combinations I want.

OCC Lip Tars are also 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and are free of parabens and other harsh preservatives. A simple, elegant formula that contains Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E.


Hello guys! I'm back for good! Excluding art that I did ages ago I had 3 written exams, one of which was a AS resit. I had my last exam today which was textiles and I'm so relieved its over. I never like to predict/comment on how well I did in exams because I reckon I will jinx myself lol. Will have to wait till August for results!!

Really happy I will never have to study media and textiles ever again (4 years)... well I will miss media I think its rather interesting.

Anyway I have lots of things planned for L.F MAKEUP so I'll bullet point through updates and upcoming news-
  • I currently have 7 bookings for prom jobs! Which I am over the moon about. I have a few new clients and R.T and S.H have booked me again!
  • I am planning a give-away for my lovely bloggers! I know I don't have a huge amount of followers, but so what! When I reach to 20 there will be a NYX giveaway (my sister sells NYX products)!
  • Speaking of my sister, if you look on my favourite blogs side bar gadget-thing you may find her blog! She does more of the day in the life posts.
  • I have made an order with Fyrinnae. I cannot wait to try out the infamous pixie epoxy because I have trouble with loose shadows.
  • I am planning on doing an eras themed series starting from the 40's- present.
Hope you look forward to the upcoming posts and feel free to suggest any posts you may want to see. The trials are going to be done over the next 2 weeks so I will update you on those too!

Monday, 7 June 2010



Quick post because my media revision is going OK. I mean there is only so much you can 'prepare' yourself for an unseen text!

Anyway this post is about the lovely Chloe Sevigny. I'll be frank- I haven't seen as much of her acting work as I should and I remember in some interview she saying she didn't really like people overlooking her acting career with her fashion.

With some 'help' from Wikipedia (come on I'm a 90's kid, how else do you do research?! haha), I'm going to try 'accurately' talk about my fashion idol.

I think anyone who is interested in fashion, would of heard of Miss Sevigny at some point. I think I did during my GCSE's days, where in magazines I'll often see her in the best dressed lists and read about her association of being New York's queen of cool.

The actress/model/ fashion designer has a quirky whimsical approach to fashion. She looks chic and effortless and never ever looks over styled (which I hate). Keep it simple. ALWAYS.

I wont go as far that I try to emulate her. But I do keep a mental style note in my head. I would like to think we have to same approach to fashion.... just my garments are more high-street than Lanvin and Louis Vuitton.

Anyway here is why I admire Chloe-
  1. She never looks over styled. ABSOLUTE FASHION HATE. No headbands and belts and bangles and scarves etc. NO. She keeps it to a minimum. Less is more (unless you want to look 'chavy'/ try hard). Focus on statement pieces and let the garments do the talking.
  2. I like the geek-chic casual style she rocks. Feminine with an edge.
  3. Black is the new black. She knows how to work the fail safe colour. Black always adds a touch a class!
  4. Fun and daring. Be it rocking prints or mixing up accessories. She's willing to take risks.
  5. Chloe has that unconventional beauty going on (amazing body too, from memory I remember her saying her favourite part of her body are her legs) and she sure knows how to rock the red lips.
Anyway I hope you liked my post and feel free to share your style crush! Wait, my psychic abilities can hear whisperings of Mary Kate Olsen, Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss :p

Friday, 4 June 2010


I went a bit OTT on the bronzer. And the little kid is my sister M.F! She looks nothing like me but identical to my older sister. So there's a running joke I'm adopted ahaha. And sorry for looking like I'm naked!!

Ramble time!!! My first exam is in 4 days for my media resit numero 3!! Third time lucky please! I never feel confident for exams. EVER. But I think I have all the notes I need.

I just need to:

  1. REALLY memorise things, which I'll probably forget on the day.
  2. Try not to panic and write a load of 'shite'.
  3. Write clearly. Which sounds utterly pathetic but its true, my hand writing at the best of times is ineligible to others.

Here are some songs I've been listening to on repeat a lot:

  1. 3OH!3 - My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha)
  2. Charli XcX- !Franchesckaar!
  3. The first track from John Galliano's F/W 2007 show

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Models own- £5

Nail polishes- Coral Reef and Lilac Dream
Neon lip and face paint- Neon Pink

I'm on a nail-polish kick!! 3 for 2 so I don't feel as bad. Not sure what I'm going to do with the neon face paint yet...

GOSH nail lacquers- £5 and 3 for 2 may I add!


546 RAINBOW- bought this purely because of loads of blog mentions. Damn you!!!
550 PURPLE HEART- after seeing Elly with this on I decided I 'needed' it. It reminds me of a beetle it flashes purple and green depending on the light.
549 HOLOGRAPHIC- I've been trying to find this EVERYWHERE ( well the Headingley Superdrug didn't have it )!

ZARA- £19.99

I love prints and I love Zara!

Miss Selfridge- £12.00

Summer scarf? Not really worth the tag but it will keep at bay my lemmings for a snood!!

SAD. SAD. SAD. I wasn't joking when I said I collect postcards!!! Couldn't find any M.A.C ones so some Illamasqua and Dolce & Gabbana ones will have to do!

Quick hi! Got told the night before we were off out with Michelle and co to Manchester. So no revision!! My mum decided to treat me and my sister and gave us some money to enjoy ourselves. Bad idea. My quick high has turned into guilt. I had to show her everything I bought... she wasn't impressed!!!