Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Models own- £5

Nail polishes- Coral Reef and Lilac Dream
Neon lip and face paint- Neon Pink

I'm on a nail-polish kick!! 3 for 2 so I don't feel as bad. Not sure what I'm going to do with the neon face paint yet...

GOSH nail lacquers- £5 and 3 for 2 may I add!


546 RAINBOW- bought this purely because of loads of blog mentions. Damn you!!!
550 PURPLE HEART- after seeing Elly with this on I decided I 'needed' it. It reminds me of a beetle it flashes purple and green depending on the light.
549 HOLOGRAPHIC- I've been trying to find this EVERYWHERE ( well the Headingley Superdrug didn't have it )!

ZARA- £19.99

I love prints and I love Zara!

Miss Selfridge- £12.00

Summer scarf? Not really worth the tag but it will keep at bay my lemmings for a snood!!

SAD. SAD. SAD. I wasn't joking when I said I collect postcards!!! Couldn't find any M.A.C ones so some Illamasqua and Dolce & Gabbana ones will have to do!

Quick hi! Got told the night before we were off out with Michelle and co to Manchester. So no revision!! My mum decided to treat me and my sister and gave us some money to enjoy ourselves. Bad idea. My quick high has turned into guilt. I had to show her everything I bought... she wasn't impressed!!!

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  1. I have seen that skirt in Zara a couple of days ago! Soo cute! :)