Friday, 18 December 2009


Me giving evils... meant to be a reindeer but look more like Bambi ha! Sixth form Christmas fancy dress :) (Did have horns on but was too moody to take more photos).

Sorry, not many photos this time and will watermark/tag later but I'm having cam problems (I'm a newbie!!) which meant the pics I had already had to be deleted... hmppph. I started the look at six and by twenty to seven was just about finished, so took me awhile to master. I had practised the night before but was a nightmare. The blending sucks and general face make-up + oily skin doesn't make a good canvas :(

Enough moaning... HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Shall hopefully have more updates in 2010 with my new cam x x x

Friday, 30 October 2009


So here's my Halloween offering for 2009... VAMP STYLE!! Mainly inspired by Pixiwoo's Nicola vamp tutorial and maybe from True Blood? Though I don't see them rocking it this style! The blush is a bit "sloppily" done and the cupid's bow area is horrible.. I need to practice on lining lips more..

Random info... I've ordered some professional white face paint at last!! Can't wait to experiment.. the one I've bought is from Snazaroo and is water activated so I'm presuming similar to most theatrical stage makeup.

sorry the photo quality isn't as good this time.. I'm currently experimenting with the camera.

Sunday, 20 September 2009


Done ages ago- just didn't upload as I got lazy with tagging. Again playing with false-lashes which I'm still trying to get the knack of. Can't remember what I used but I seem to be playing around with greys, blacks and I think a hint of reddy-purple.


I love the lighting on this one.. but can't say its very flattering!

Just some more photos I decided to upload instead of just sitting around on the computer. Arty and lots of messing around with lighting to create shadows.


Hey everyone, so finally an update from my last post where I showed you the behind the scenes (I've not been on my personal computers for ages as my sister came back and her computer is 10000x faster then mine)... well here's the results above! Michelle looks fierce as always and let me tell you that shoot was HARD!! Lots of hard work and difficulties especially with the location. The lighting was terrible that day but the show had to go on- which was only worsened with us almost getting lost, a horrible trek to the so called "waterfall"- which by the time we got there was a sludge fest and Michelle with a sprained ankle (yes she had to walk in them heels!!! Both of us didn't think of bringing flat shoes). Took loads of photographs that day but by the time I sorted them through I wasn't left with much... still got some great shots and learnt lots that day!

Friday, 28 August 2009


Michelle doing her "up-do"

Flawless skin or what?!

Chaos as always

Hey everyone, these are the "backstage" photos I took whilst I was waiting for Michelle to do her "up-do".This shoot was for Media- my recreation of Harvey Nichols. I curled the hair and did the make-up which took us I believe 2 hours.

I decided to go with a "fierce" look and used a block bright purple, which surprisingly was a nightmare which may of been contributed it being loose and matte- which resulted in lots of layering as the shadow kept going patchy.

Michelle actually had quite red broken out skin but as you can see.. what spots!? Amen M.A.C.'s studio fix fluid which I recently started use aswell. Photos will be added later when i've "tagged" them :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Hey everyone, using the Fresh Cut palette from MAC and decided to play with falsies.. the upper lashes are really bad! As you can probably tell I'm inspired by Dior again.


Hey everyone these photos are fairly new; the first two is my recreation of the Topshop for Kate Moss ad for a media project. Images I found on the net gave pretty good shots of the makeup so it was fairly easy to re-create- I think the only major difference was the images I based the look on used a berry shade for the lips instead of red.

The last image was for art and is a recreation of an Egon Schiele piece- to give it a twist I went along with the whole sadness theme he projects so I decided to do a black smokey eye and use MAC'S fix + (I recommend water) to make the makeup run.


I was digging round my computer docs and found these images which I thought I lost when my memory stick died last year. These images were for GCSE art and somehow remind me of Alexander McQueen. I wanted to do this haunted Tim Burton-esque girl. I liked the contrasting curly back-combed hair with the Minnie mouse headband against the face "mask". It took awhile to do and was an absolute nightmare to get off (Michelle wasn't best pleased). The eyebrows are a tad wonky but I personally think the blending of the colours look really nice and my teacher asked if it was done using paint shop pro.... heh.. I'm better then that! :P

Sunday, 21 June 2009



Hey everyone, finally an update! Today was a lazy Sunday so I decided to dig around my makeup stash and create a look using low-end makeup... orginally I planned to create a blue and yellow look but... its turned to a gold, soft black and blue look with heavy smudged black lowerlid. Excuse the extremly clumpy eyelashes

Saturday, 6 June 2009


Dita Von Teese inspired makeup with a slight 1920's/Dior touch.. she looks so glamorous!

The blending of the cheek blush creation is really bad but I like the eyes

Not really makeup due to the HEAVY editing but I did this "rebel" couture look... this image is mainly about the styling.

Hey everyone just wanted to post my past looks from a year ago and for you to see my progression! Here's a great way of introducing my dear friend Michelle who loves to model for me :) These were done in my GCSE'S days for art and media.. Enjoy!