Tuesday, 19 January 2010


The original- Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring

Scarlett Johansson's version

Using this one for my oil on canvas piece

Hello! Surprise update. This look was totally a spur of a moment must think of something for art or Mr. Green/Low will eat me alive. Not sure why Vermeer's painting popped into my head as I'm more into new modern contemporary art . Anyway I tried my best with the props but epically failed on with the minute earrings and head scarf malarkey! The make-up was fun and challenging since whenever you do a shoot, the make-up has to specifically suit photography such as the use of different techniques/products etc. Since cameras usually washes out colour I had to quite heavily apply contouring and foundation in layers but always using MAC's Fix+ to give a dewy effect and make the makeup sink in. This look definitely required lots of blending. Remember even if you think its blended, blend more! And you'll get more of an natural "airbrushed effect".

To achieve this particular look:
  • lots of highlighters- powder and liquid. On places such as the chin, cheekbone area and cupids bow
  • lightened the brows using concealer and foundation, brushed on using a spooly
  • lips had a glossy effect but not a "fake shine" I used MAC's Tendertone in Sweet Tooth for a "juicy" effect
  • contouring all over the face especially in the hollow of the cheekbones and the nose
  • I would skip eyeliner/mascara if you really wanted to recreate this look.. I know I did it but I needed some definition
  • use white eye-liner on your bottom waterline to give the appearance of wide awake eyes

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Welcome to the 60s and epic camera fail. Whilst editing it dawned on me I forgot to focus. Yes camera noob. Enjoy the blurred shots!

Monday, 4 January 2010


Here are some of my favourite videos that I like to reference back to:
My favourite clip of the behind the scenes action of Fran├žois's book, 15X15.
I will admit I didn't know anything about the NARS history till a couple of weeks ago. But seriously, FRANCOIS NARS IS A LIVING GENIUS! And what I especially love about him is he still photographs all of his campaigns (it's been 15 years) and his reluctance to appear in the spotlight.
Marc Jacobs at his very best. This man is my idol... enough of Marc. This show got Fran├žois out of runway retirement and boy did he impress with the 80's madness.
More Francois <3
I always anticipate for MAC's Halloween face charts and 2009 was the first time they made a video recording the transformations.
Pat McGrath is my favourite makeup artist of all time. Why? She's the most in demand make-up guru in the world. Effortlessly creating flawless natural faces at Stella McCartney to Christian Dior's extravagant couture looks. No-one compares. She's in a league of her own.
Another renowned artist and this video again makes me want to pursue a career in make-up artistry.
The lovely Lisa Eldrige who you may recognise from Ten Years Younger, her work for Boots N07 and her spreads in Glamour :)

I'm on a roll! Just more random info for budding make-up artists. I personally don't find finding inspiration that hard but I think that's down to being an art student. Apart from the traditional routes of looking through fashion/editorial magazines for ideas. YouTube is a very useful source as in most cases you can physically see the artists applying the make-up and get a better view of the full finished results.