Wednesday, 29 June 2011

PROM MAKE-UP - 29/06/11

 All the girls I made up today!
P.S there's no individual shot of K.S as I couldn't find a decent photo!

Today went well, everything all went to plan apart from me getting lost trying to get to the location!
I'm not camera savvy so I had no idea how to change my camera (panic switch settings frantically) to the right setting if it's really sunny outside, so sorry for the not really make-up friendly photos!

Friday, 24 June 2011


E.T getting her hair done

Hey guys, so here is E.T's make-up for prom. She wanted a black smokey eye and to spice it up I blended in some greys and some inner highlight. Quite unusual to get a request for this type of make-up for prom. I had to really make sure to keep patting on the black!
I'm more happy with the outcome on the final day then the trial I had with her as I had a few hiccups during the trial.
The only part I'm not too keen on is the eyelashes....I had no idea she wanted lashes (confirmed during trial) so I obviously I didn't pack any glue (Duo). So I had to use the ones that came with the lashes. My only gripe with the 'free' ones is that I find they don't adhere as well which= lifting of the eyelashes.
Browsing through the photos I can see the corners had already lifted (when I finished they were fine).
 Anyway lesson is always bring and use Duo!

Thursday, 23 June 2011



I actually had a trial with E.T on the 20/06/11 but was rushed for time to take photos. Her proms tomorrow so will make sure I take some after my job :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


The 'studio'
Silver case is all eyes brushes and the red case is all my face brushes!
Blue book is my collection of clippings which includes some of my of favourite inspirational makeup

Hey guys, just a quick post! I don't think I've ever shown a detailed snippet into my kit so here are some photos of what goes behind the scenes.
The products that make it into my kit usually indicates they are good, reliable and will not not disappoint me on the day!

Saturday, 18 June 2011


L-R: L.B, K.S and S.C
I remembered my camera but not the battery....luckily my dad dropped it off later!

Hey guys first prom make-up of the year! I've slowly been changing my philosophy with make-up instead of the old more-more-more-if-you-don't-see-it-there's-no-point TO make-up-that-doesn't-look-like-make-up. Obviously this doesn't apply to the more fashion 'arty' side of make-up but I think from observing and learning from the pro's (books and online I'm afraid) it's starting to rub off that it's about enhancing existing features not drawing them all on (depending on circumstances etc)! Sorry it's not ground-breaking but it's my new focus to try do make-up that is F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S.
Anyway without sounding like a patronising cow these lovely girls were only 16 which is why I partly didn't do anything too OTT. I don't think they needed it and just wanted them to look themselves but just a wee vamped up. I may fill in S.C's brows on the day... but overall I am pleased with today :)

Thursday, 16 June 2011


The home of Geordie Shore.......yay *coff*

Hey guys, a ramble from me! Firstly it's official-official I will be going to Northumbria mid September to study graphic design which is exciting and kind of scary at the same time... thinking about it I don't have long. I don't feel 'ready' for uni' even though I've done a foundation, but I guess you can never be ready can you?
Anyway I've had a little I-deserve-loads-of-new-things-for-completing-F.A.D spree and I've bought myself 6* make-up books I've always wanted to own. So far it's been a good investment.
 As you know I've never been formally taught, I've just been self teaching. And particularly one book has taught me things I haven't even considered and it's just nice to learn the 'official rules' of make-up from industry professionals.
Speaking of make-up, this is the season where I get some proper freelance jobs! I'm really fortunate to have people recommend me so in the next couple of weeks I should be doing 7* prom jobs which is why you won't see any looks from me as my kit is all packed up for the gigs and frankly after I do sessions of make-up I like to  give myself a break from it.
Look forward to make-up prom trial photos and final prom day outcomes in the next couple of weeks!
 x x x

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Jonas Akerlund did an amazing job! And I think Moss totally encapsulated the spirit of the Dior woman
Screen-shots from the commercial that captured her look the best
My version! Not sure why I'm looking so glum.... maybe because I'm placing a photo of myself next to Moss!
I break down the entire look in the video! From how to recreate a similar effect to the make-up products to achieve it!! 
Please check it out AND read the description box as I said some errors in the video

Hey guys, so this is take 2 of my recreation of Moss's look from the Dior addict lipstick commercial. Not sure why but it seems not as dramatic as I wanted. Comparing to the source image her eyeliner still has a more angular 'blocky' effect compared to mine- I did try!
Anyway the only similar feature I have with Moss is we both have small eyes. So if you have a larger lid space area you will have to fill this space with the liner so that when you relax the eye you can only see the liner on the lid (if you look at the reference photos when Moss 'relaxes' her eyes it's just a solid black on the lid BUT note she does have slightly hooded eyelids which might contribute to this).
I hope you enjoyed this, maybe my look is a more toned down version! But as I mentioned in the video the graphic cat eyeliner isn't about a fluid flick. Her's has a more angular 'straight' block shape (It's a more raised shape).

ALSO not make-up related......but I got my F.A.D results last Friday (seems like forever ago now) and a got a distinction! I really wasn't expecting it but I am really pleased to get such a good outcome from my foundation year.
My results also mean I will be going to Northumbria next year to do graphic design as I've met my conditions (I just needed to pass). I've yet to hear any 'official' news from them so will be postponing any celebrations till I get the OK go!