Friday, 28 August 2009


Michelle doing her "up-do"

Flawless skin or what?!

Chaos as always

Hey everyone, these are the "backstage" photos I took whilst I was waiting for Michelle to do her "up-do".This shoot was for Media- my recreation of Harvey Nichols. I curled the hair and did the make-up which took us I believe 2 hours.

I decided to go with a "fierce" look and used a block bright purple, which surprisingly was a nightmare which may of been contributed it being loose and matte- which resulted in lots of layering as the shadow kept going patchy.

Michelle actually had quite red broken out skin but as you can see.. what spots!? Amen M.A.C.'s studio fix fluid which I recently started use aswell. Photos will be added later when i've "tagged" them :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Hey everyone, using the Fresh Cut palette from MAC and decided to play with falsies.. the upper lashes are really bad! As you can probably tell I'm inspired by Dior again.


Hey everyone these photos are fairly new; the first two is my recreation of the Topshop for Kate Moss ad for a media project. Images I found on the net gave pretty good shots of the makeup so it was fairly easy to re-create- I think the only major difference was the images I based the look on used a berry shade for the lips instead of red.

The last image was for art and is a recreation of an Egon Schiele piece- to give it a twist I went along with the whole sadness theme he projects so I decided to do a black smokey eye and use MAC'S fix + (I recommend water) to make the makeup run.


I was digging round my computer docs and found these images which I thought I lost when my memory stick died last year. These images were for GCSE art and somehow remind me of Alexander McQueen. I wanted to do this haunted Tim Burton-esque girl. I liked the contrasting curly back-combed hair with the Minnie mouse headband against the face "mask". It took awhile to do and was an absolute nightmare to get off (Michelle wasn't best pleased). The eyebrows are a tad wonky but I personally think the blending of the colours look really nice and my teacher asked if it was done using paint shop pro.... heh.. I'm better then that! :P