Saturday, 19 April 2014


 Totally forgot to talk about this, but early September? the first years all got given a third year student and had to come up with something that represents them.... this is what my group came up with! I was pretty flattered - they summed me up pretty well with things I liked, disliked and just odd personality quirks. Thanks guys!
 Start of my last semester. Stuff on my wall to initially inspire me.
We Are Scientists! Fucking awesome. Great gig. And slight crush on Mr Murray. 
My friend gave me a last minute ticket to see Metronomy. I'm familiar with a *few* songs, so I kind of went with fresh ears. Really really good! Great atmosphere and just generally super talented musicians. 
 I'm green and the black doodle is Ben's. We went to a Chris Haughton talk - which was really inspiring. He's a fantastic illustrator and story teller. Check out his books if you can. The colour compositions are majestic.
Nobrow - got all the issues to date. If you like illustration/publishing check them out. They publish the hottest talent around.... and subsequently makes me feel shit! 
 My tutor illustrated this book. Awesome right?
 Some screen printed prints I'm selling to help with fundraising for my degree show. The theme was film.... and the above is what I came up with. It's kind of my humour... I hope someone buys it! My friend told me mine is pretty much the black sheep out of everyone's contribution, opps. 
 MAC ruby woo. Finally own this iconic red. 
Witnessed this aftermath of a daffodil massacre on the way home. That day was pretty bleak (never cried so much in one day). But we all learnt something from it.
 Postcard from Wijtze Valkema to celebrate his studio turning one. Thanks and congrats!
 My flatmates surprised me by buying my shirts. Thanks guys! Pretty awesome to see people rocking my doodles. 
 This is the kind of stuff I Snapchat to my friends. Just at uni looking scratty and eating an apple.
 Looking semi-presentable. Winged eyeliner and plum stained lips.
 I did some henna on Allan, some kind of garden/woodland scene. 
 Some uni work I should of finished awhile ago. It's getting there! I usually find myself getting lost in development and then struggle to find a solution. So I made myself to just DO the finals, and stick with it. The right side is the rough and the left are the finals.
From today! I do a lot of indoor cycling but never any outdoor cycling. Funny huh? Anyway yesterday my friend let me borrow his bike, and after a slightly shaky start (it's been awhile since I've cycled), we decided to go on a massive bike ride to the seaside the next day. We did over 20 miles in total... which is awesome! Except I ate fish and chips... and maybe ice cream..... and then some bubble tea because that's our little thangggg (I committed the worst of all food sins in one day). I earned it though right? Right? Also glad my bag is in the way because I am so stumpy. DAAAAAMN YOU lower half. 

Hey guys, so life kind of took over... or shall I say uni. I don't know if it's just the end of uni or whatever, but I've been such an emotional wimp these couple of months. Anyway things are looking better and I'm a bit more on track with things in my life. Got a month till hand in for my final major project, so I will be slaving for a good month.
Hope you like my small update. And of to see Fuck Buttons next month. YESSSSS.