Sunday, 20 September 2009


Done ages ago- just didn't upload as I got lazy with tagging. Again playing with false-lashes which I'm still trying to get the knack of. Can't remember what I used but I seem to be playing around with greys, blacks and I think a hint of reddy-purple.


I love the lighting on this one.. but can't say its very flattering!

Just some more photos I decided to upload instead of just sitting around on the computer. Arty and lots of messing around with lighting to create shadows.


Hey everyone, so finally an update from my last post where I showed you the behind the scenes (I've not been on my personal computers for ages as my sister came back and her computer is 10000x faster then mine)... well here's the results above! Michelle looks fierce as always and let me tell you that shoot was HARD!! Lots of hard work and difficulties especially with the location. The lighting was terrible that day but the show had to go on- which was only worsened with us almost getting lost, a horrible trek to the so called "waterfall"- which by the time we got there was a sludge fest and Michelle with a sprained ankle (yes she had to walk in them heels!!! Both of us didn't think of bringing flat shoes). Took loads of photographs that day but by the time I sorted them through I wasn't left with much... still got some great shots and learnt lots that day!