Monday, 31 December 2012


I know. Why does a 20 year old buy stuff that are meant to be for babies. It's so cute though! I actually bought this from work using my Boots points so I don't feel as bad. It's made from wood and quite a decent size (creepy photo of me holding it for reference). It's currently residing on top of my cabinet storage thing. I love her! Though I want to rename it Theodore.... so I love him! 
Came home to find 6 boxes of these.... thanks parents! My cereal of choice is muesli with some soya milk and throw in some extra raisins and nuts if I feel like it. I particularly like Jordans muesli's because they have no added salt, artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. You can find them in most supermarkets and they border the a bit pricey but OK bracket. For me anyway, Student budget here . 
YAY. The package from my sister arrived. I basically asked for skin masks because Korean skin masks are the bomb. I prefer the skin sheet mask ones because I just leave them on over night (probably shouldn't) and wake up to plumped up skin. P.S the nail polish is really good... watery but dries really fast and shiny. WIN.
I read the reviews. I got it. Currently into fragrances and this sounded pretty amazing. 'Unique' individual scent on everyone and with reviews of people literally chasing you down to know what you're wearing. This sounded interesting. I'm still testing this out..... I want results!
My best friend got me this set for my birthday/Christmas. We don't really do presents for each anymore just because it felt kind of pointless having a set budget and basically asking for something you wanted. But I guess being the big 21 is a bigger deal than other birthdays (we'll be at uni again so won't see each other.... I'm still 20)? Anyway it was a nice surprise because I've worn Marc Jacob's Lola before so I'm interested in this reincarnation. Marc Jacobs fan too of course. She knows me well.
I bought the 100ml. Yep I did it. 
Speaking of fragrances here's some of my fragrances stuffed into a Paperchase mug packaging. My flatmate chipped one of my mugs by them..... *NOOOOOO*. 
TOTAL impulse buy. I don't think I *actually* need this but fast forward me watching a YouTube video using this and 5* reviews all over the 'net.... I got it. I've not tried this yet, but I have high hopes I can master it without burning myself. I hope. 
I got this brush for £9.50. STEAL STEAL STEAL. I usually stock up on all things Shu Uemura when they have sales knocking about because they do REALLY good sales on their stuff. This brush I'm thinking of using for highlighting. 
I like boots that are leather with stud detailing. These boots fit the bill. 
Part of my growing collection of coffee table books. This book is great if you are into fashion, publishing and make-up of course. Each cover is so inspiring and of course plenty of Kate covers for me to swoon over.
I'm actually a fan of Biotherm skin care but guess what made me buy this gift set... the box. The box is illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius. I love her work of whimsical retro? I suck at describing stuff but I wanted the box to keep stuff in (I collect gift boxes too)... and I'm not complaining about the skin care inside.
 I wanted to throw this beauty in. This was Christmas day and I was really really ILL. I was literally just blowing my nose every 20 seconds whilst watching crap on the tv. I'm barefaced here. Oh the art of make-up.... thank-you. 

Hey guys, another new year! Well almost. I usually do a soppy post every year so this won't be an exception. Thank-you so much for  supporting my blog and I'm so grateful for all my followers! I've not blogged as much as I wanted to this year but I'll try and juggle my time better because I do miss playing with make-up and showing you guys.
 Have a happy new year :D
x x x

Monday, 24 December 2012


Yep, this is seriously my reference source. As always I ended up drifting directions but maybe you can see elements I took and also changed.
I'm in my work clothes... orange is such a weird colour to pull off. But this is someone who ALWAYS wears black. 
Extra photo. Such a cute ear cup! I know it's meant to be for children but surely you wouldn't give a child a ceramic cup to begin with right?!

Hey guys, It's been a long LONG time. I broke up from uni almost two weeks ago and I've just been working full time at work before my contract as a temp ends. I don't know how people with full time jobs do it, I'm so knackered by the end of it. Plus I'm currently down with some cold/illness... either passed on by a friend or from Newcastle's wet weather. Probably both. 
Anyway make-up talk! My friend described me looking like a  "demon oompa-loompa." I get the demon part I guess. It's also got an 80s vibe to it I think.  Exploring colour placement and just messing around. I've not played with make-up in such a long time.
Before I forget, it's Christmas today. So happy holidays fellow followers! Think I'm most happy with the fact I won't be hearing anymore Christmas songs at work (two months of it FML)  anymore and explaining what 3 for 2 means. Whilst mentioning work I only have two shifts left till I'm done-zo. I'm really going to miss working at Boots. I worked with the nicest people ever and everyone was so Geordie haha! 
Speak to you guys soon, I've already got a planned post ready so you'll see me soon. Really this time.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


If I look tired it's because I did these after uni!

Hey guys, finally a make-up post. Would of posted this sooner but we had no internet for 4 days..... bearable, but annoying. Anyway this will be a part of a continuing series because I think it's quite cool to see how many ways you can use black eyeliner to 'change' the eyes. For most of them it's just gel eyeliner and some concealer to clean the edges or highlight areas. I do these on top of my existing day make-up so if you see brown eye-shadow that's why.
Hope you like some of the styles I came up with!