Monday, 24 December 2012


Yep, this is seriously my reference source. As always I ended up drifting directions but maybe you can see elements I took and also changed.
I'm in my work clothes... orange is such a weird colour to pull off. But this is someone who ALWAYS wears black. 
Extra photo. Such a cute ear cup! I know it's meant to be for children but surely you wouldn't give a child a ceramic cup to begin with right?!

Hey guys, It's been a long LONG time. I broke up from uni almost two weeks ago and I've just been working full time at work before my contract as a temp ends. I don't know how people with full time jobs do it, I'm so knackered by the end of it. Plus I'm currently down with some cold/illness... either passed on by a friend or from Newcastle's wet weather. Probably both. 
Anyway make-up talk! My friend described me looking like a  "demon oompa-loompa." I get the demon part I guess. It's also got an 80s vibe to it I think.  Exploring colour placement and just messing around. I've not played with make-up in such a long time.
Before I forget, it's Christmas today. So happy holidays fellow followers! Think I'm most happy with the fact I won't be hearing anymore Christmas songs at work (two months of it FML)  anymore and explaining what 3 for 2 means. Whilst mentioning work I only have two shifts left till I'm done-zo. I'm really going to miss working at Boots. I worked with the nicest people ever and everyone was so Geordie haha! 
Speak to you guys soon, I've already got a planned post ready so you'll see me soon. Really this time.

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