Thursday, 29 July 2010


Shoot on Wednesday at Studio 19- me concentrating! Only finished the eyes by that time.

M.U- L.F
Nails- M.C
Model- H.A

Hey guys!! Update from me. The photo above is just a sneak preview of the shoot I was involved in. The photographer- Natascha aka idollphamine will be sending me some pro' portfolio-worthy images soon :)

So on Wednesday it was my first ever 'major' job with a pro' photographer in a real studio. I did a 'intense' smokey eye- which if I break it down was just a black exaggerated 'cat' eye and the lower lid a deep matte purple with smudged black and nude lips on H.A. I need to practice on timing as an hour flew by and I was still not finished even with M.C's help!

Also my lack of updates is because my computer died on me a week ago (don't think there's a chance for recovery) so I've got a 'new' one but its lacking programmes I need to edit photo's etc.

When all things are sorted out I will be carrying on with my eras series and show you my new kit stuff such as Sugarpill eye shadows and Z-palette's (so convenient)!!

Lastly next week on Tuesday I should be having a M.A.C lesson which I'm really excited about (my mum has yet to find out I'm spending more money on make-up). Its £50 for an hour and a half and is fully redeemable against products- think I'm going to get more brushes. The lessons are designed to teach methods more thoroughly and I'm always happy to learn new techniques and pester the MUA on how they got started :P

Talk soon guys! And I'll leave it on a sad note.... I start art college in 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!!! Not fair.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


MODELS OWN- my favourite nail polish brand! My only gripe is that it has toluene in!!
Champagne, Coral Reef, Lilac Dream and Nude Beige

O.P.I NAIL LAQUER- good but too pricey!
Give Me Moor, My Daddy Is The King and Isn't It Romantic?

Me wearing I.T.R it has a really cool blue pearl duo-chrome, which you can see from the flash!

GOSH- love Rainbow!!!
Holographic, Purple Heart and Rainbow

N.Y.C- really like too!
Manhattan and West Villiage

EYEKO- nice but formula quite sheer so need to build up!
Cosmic, Indigo and Vintage

COLLECTION 2000- don't like formula, really hard to work with!
Button Moon and Hoola Hoop

NAILS INC- chips on me like crazy!!!
Victoria and lost name of the other one sorry!

RIMMEL- cheap and cheerful! Like.
Red Carpet and Sky High

Hey guys, I should really dedicate this post to Miss Steer (obsessed- actually our running joke is she got me into nail polishes and I got her into M.A.C :p) and the whole blogging world because I did not have the slightest interest in nail polishes until both came into my life.
The ones that I have shown are the ones that I wear most often/like (I've missed out Barry M's Mushroom!!!).
I generally like to wear really dark nails and for a change wear a bold colour or go all 'nude'.

Talk soon and I'd like to see your collection/favourites :)

Monday, 19 July 2010


I think these were done about 2 years ago. Ahhhh, when did my enthusiasm turn to laziness?


I thoroughly recommend the film Inception!! Really really good and interesting- plot, characters, actors/actresses, cinematography and cliff-hangers ( I was weeping at the end- wimp!!!). I think it has made it into L.F's top films ever and no Cillian Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt did not influence my decision. Coff.

Also FYI- the film is quite complex, so to grasp all the ideas you really do need to pay attention. If you are still left feeling quite 'confuzzled' by it afterwards. I would recommend you to watch it again (if you want to of course) as second round time you pick up all the pieces and it all makes sense ( for me anyway)!!

Another interesting update is on Tuesday will be working in photography studio with a professional photographer to obviously do a models make-up and build up my portfolio. And the added bonus is, not only is M.C going to be there but she actually 'arranged' it for me so thank-you!!!

Monday, 12 July 2010


First of all, sorry for looking like a thug!!!! So obviously just one finished eye and foundation/powder on the rest of my face as I went "ahhhh f'it!!!" after one eye. See that annoying cheek spot? Still not gone and also notice my annoying uneven cupids bow :( (one is rounded, other is pointed). Not sure who I've inherited this from but it drives me mental as I struggle to make them even when I use lip-liner!

Brows not perfect again!

I was debating whether to upload these or not but heck I spent ages on this god damn eye!!! I think I started from scratch about twice and I'm still not pleased with it (looks so much better in real life).

I set myself the challenge of using all the colours from my new sleek palette (circus) and I managed to use 7 out of the 12, so I tried! To get this intense vibrancy I used Fyrinnae's pixie epoxy which I will RAVE about very soon as its amazing (surpasses UDPP....shhh)!!!

So yeah, not sure when I'll do another update/look as I'm working all week basically! Will do a complete look for you next time.



GOSH- 549 HOLOGRAPHIC, excuse the chips!

H&M- £3.99, I love the mesh/netting transparency detailing- reminds me of Christopher Kane....

Sleek make-up- £5.99, its the Circus palette. Limited edition BTW so get your mitts on it while you can!!

Ardell lashes- £2.99 (TK MAXX only!!!), Lucky find or what?! As these usually retail at the £5 mark! They had a ton of different styles and these are no doubt the best lashes you can get on the high street (these are made from human hair so Shu Uemura/ M.A.C quality- not the rubbish plastic kind!!!). PS. how expensive are lashes getting?! Total rip off!!!!

Converse- £24.99 (TK MAXX), my mum HATES me wearing trainers as she wants me to dress more "girly" which I agree (sort-of) as I do sometimes dress like a 12 year old boy but sometimes ballet shoes and boots don't cut it!

NARS sheer glow foundation (Ceylan)- £29.00, I won't be using it till I finish my sheer matte. I know its pricey but its a really nice foundation!! She chucked in a face and eye primer sample too :)

Zara- £14.99 (sale), I know it looks quite boring in the photo but its full of beautiful decorations techniques especially the sleeves. I know I rave about Zara a lot but they always make really good quality garments (most) that are quite 'classic' in design but always with an edge.

Hope you liked my haul. I've actually been buying a lot recently but I've just not been updating my blog with haul posts, as I wanted to test them out first ( I'm no hoarder *coff* but it takes me awhile before I reach for new things). Anyway I will be posting my monthly favourites soon so you can see what new products- or old things I've been liking!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


The eyebrows are slightly wonky.

Hey guys I'm back again. I will return back to some more tame looks soon but I've been quite 'sick' of make-up after all the prom jobs I did!!

The look I did today was 'kinda' inspired by Marilyn Manson which I can't say I'm a huge fan of or anything but I love the video for 'mOBCSCENE.' 

Enjoy my favourite songs by M.M-

Sunday, 4 July 2010

PROM - 3/7/10

E.G - eyes only

M.G - I think she said something about messing up her eyes? As one of the lower lids has lost the inner gold shadow


I will upload E.S' in a weeks time (she's on holiday) as I didn't photograph her as I had to go get ready. Sorry I don't have any photos of my make-up but it was a matte smokey brown eyes look :)

Friday, 2 July 2010

PROM - 2/7/10

How gorgeous is R.T?! And can you believe this her ill (she was sick literally three times during the makeover)!!!


R.P and K.C- besties!

So chuffed with the outcome - everyone looks stunning and no major problems.
If you are interested in any of the products used just leave a comment and a BIG thank-you to Michelle as she assisted me today and helped me loads!!!!

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Just eye make-up, how amazing is her skin?!

Its S.H again! I really like the look I did on S.H and its much more 'intense' then the previous prom look I did on her. I'm currently experimenting with the 'cut-the-crease' technique which I haven't used in ages.

I'm actually considering doing this look on myself for Saturday (prom)! Anyway I'm currently packing my kit for my job tomorrow!!! Excited!

Photo updates soon :)