Monday, 19 July 2010


I think these were done about 2 years ago. Ahhhh, when did my enthusiasm turn to laziness?


I thoroughly recommend the film Inception!! Really really good and interesting- plot, characters, actors/actresses, cinematography and cliff-hangers ( I was weeping at the end- wimp!!!). I think it has made it into L.F's top films ever and no Cillian Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt did not influence my decision. Coff.

Also FYI- the film is quite complex, so to grasp all the ideas you really do need to pay attention. If you are still left feeling quite 'confuzzled' by it afterwards. I would recommend you to watch it again (if you want to of course) as second round time you pick up all the pieces and it all makes sense ( for me anyway)!!

Another interesting update is on Tuesday will be working in photography studio with a professional photographer to obviously do a models make-up and build up my portfolio. And the added bonus is, not only is M.C going to be there but she actually 'arranged' it for me so thank-you!!!


  1. Gorgeous, especially the blue one! xx

  2. Thank-you, I like the blue one too :)