Monday, 12 July 2010


First of all, sorry for looking like a thug!!!! So obviously just one finished eye and foundation/powder on the rest of my face as I went "ahhhh f'it!!!" after one eye. See that annoying cheek spot? Still not gone and also notice my annoying uneven cupids bow :( (one is rounded, other is pointed). Not sure who I've inherited this from but it drives me mental as I struggle to make them even when I use lip-liner!

Brows not perfect again!

I was debating whether to upload these or not but heck I spent ages on this god damn eye!!! I think I started from scratch about twice and I'm still not pleased with it (looks so much better in real life).

I set myself the challenge of using all the colours from my new sleek palette (circus) and I managed to use 7 out of the 12, so I tried! To get this intense vibrancy I used Fyrinnae's pixie epoxy which I will RAVE about very soon as its amazing (surpasses UDPP....shhh)!!!

So yeah, not sure when I'll do another update/look as I'm working all week basically! Will do a complete look for you next time.


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