Tuesday, 24 August 2010


More info' at DESIGN scene

The brows were more 'bleached' out IRL. Also let that right eyebrow scar you mentally from over plucking (I wanted brows like Fergie 2 years ago)!!!!

Very Illamasqua-esque?!

Hey guys, I hope you enjoy my return to doing make-up looks instead of rambling about doing them!

My inspiration was from Marion Cotillard's (loved her in Inception- oh yes, I plugged that film in again) Vogue Paris cover. I love the bleached brow trend, sported on all major catwalk shows and on the lovely Lara Stone. It just adds that editorial edge. Mine are obviously not concealed very well but you get the jist?

Main products used:
  • M.A.C Humid eyeshadow
  • M.A.C Blackground paint pot- love the stuff
  • Sleek eye-shadows from various palettes- sorry I've depotted them all so no idea which ones they are from
  • Ardell lashes
  • Cargo black eyeliner- used to deepen areas/act as a guide
  • M.A.C studio fix fluid foundation- amazing heavy duty stuff!!!

The sound is out of sync, but I wanted to utilise my laptop!!! I might do this for all the more 'fashion' looks so you get to see a better perspective.


Monday, 23 August 2010


ZILCH! And LOL at my expression!

For you guys!!!! All will be revealed soon (and not in crappy web cam quality!!!).

Sunday, 22 August 2010


This is why I LOVE blogging and the whole blogging community. Where else would you find/see/read about these little gems?

Encapsulating all the dark glamour, divine decadence and hedonistic joy of the roaring Twenties, Gareth Pugh's A/W 2010 collection is a stylised, silver and black Art Deco fantasy projected at breakneck speed into the twenty-first century.


Direction: Ruth Hogben
Performance: Raquel Zimmermann at DNA Models
Fashion: Gareth Pugh
Styling: Katie Shillingford
Make-up: Alex Box at D&V Management
Hair: Martin Cullen at Streeters
Nails: Mike Pocock at Streeters
Lighting Direction: Simon Chaudoir at United Artists
Soundtrack: Lukid
Photographic Assistance: James Robotham
Styling Assistance: Angela
Make-up Assistance: Louise Bryam
Hair Assistance: Jaimie Tanner, Roku
Production: Gainsbury & Whiting
Electrician: Martin Duncan
Gaffer: Gary Varney
Production Runner: Harry Flinder

I am so mesmerised by the video. The music, garments, model...... this is what fashion and art is all about.

Friday, 20 August 2010


M.U- L.F
Model- H.A

Remember the photo shoot I assisted? Here's the result.

The photographer, Natashca specifically 'edited' this photo for me to show off the make-up :)

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Excuse the messy hair. I was playing around with the web-cam feature on my new laptop- hurrah!

Hey guys! I think I'll start with the most exciting news...... my A-level results:
Media - A
Textiles - A
Art - A*
I am beyond HAPPY!!! I can't believe I managed to get an A in media ( I really thought I'd get a B- not that I would be complaining). The hard work really paid off- thank-you media teachers!!!!
Textiles, I am really happy about too because in the actual exam I got a C. So to still pull off an A I am really stoked.
Lastly A* in art. WOW, I feel honoured because my year 13 art pads were not the greatest- quantity and quality wise.
Anyway onto art college. I've only been for 3 days so I can't make too much of a judgement but I do like it. We have a 3 week introduction period so atm we are just doing a bit of everything to build up skills.
I got put into the same group of A.J (the guy I mentioned in my previous post) so coincidence or what!! And friends wise.... its looking good. So far I'm in this small group and I like the fact we have a mix of personalities, age, interests....its all dandy!
So yeah everything is going to plan and I am comforted with the reassurance my grades will hopefully mean uni's will like me next year.

Talk soon x x x

Thursday, 12 August 2010


LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART- I am doing a UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (only a year long!)

Hey guys, just a ramble from me to make up (excuse the pun) for the loss of make-up related posts that should be on here. Fingers crossed I get a new computer this weekend because the one I'm using is shockingly 'shite' (slow with a capital SSSS- and wow with the alliterations going on).

Anyway what's my dramatic title post about? I START COLLEGE ON MONDAY!!!! And........ A-LEVEL RESULTS ON THURSDAY!!! Wow time has flown past and yet again this summer I've accomplished nothing!!! Wait....I'm pretty sure I told myself I would write a CV at the beginning of summer. Fail.

I am really nervous and excited about college. I went to enrol yesterday and it was weird to think the people who were also there could be my potential class mates. I think I'm more nervous about the prospect of making new friends- or lack of. Since I'm not exactly loud, outlandish or bubbly. Whilst I'm on about friends- me and my close friend who is also going seem to have this on going paranoia we will leave each other lol. Which makes me laugh because I am positive he will bugger off and leave me first and he thinks I'd do vice versa to him... not!!! Apparently 250 students are also doing the course so I guess I could break the ice with "Sooooo, you like art then?"

Also results day is this Thursday. 2 years of hard work (DAMN YOU TEXTILES!!!) comes down to grades on a piece of paper *sigh*! The nerves haven't kicked in too much yet but I am not in as harsh of a position as my other friends who are mostly dependent on the grades they get to get into uni'. I never like to predict the grades I may get, but I didn't do too bad in AS so hopefully I've evened out my points score. I am particularly nervous about the grades for textiles (exam was hard- duh like all exams ahaha) and media because its always been the subject I like the most but do the worst in!!!

 Not sure when I'll update you guys next. Fingers crossed I get a new comp' so I can upload photos and get back to schedule with my make-up posts. I will definitely update you guys with college and results on Thursday- hopefully positive about both.

Talk soon x x x

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


KARLIE KLOSS! Can you believe she is 17?! Not only is she currently the 'it' model in the fashion world- she fronts Marc Jacobs Lola fragrance campaign and I like the fact she has quite small eyes (a change from all the doe-eyed models I usually see)!

First of all, really sorry but there are no photos from the lesson/haul but if you are interested in what I got up to, I'll try keep the post informative and not ramble!!

So yesterday I got to M.A.C (Harvey Nichols Leeds) at 11am and was greeted by Becky* (really terrible at remembering names sorry!!!) and was told she would be teaching my lesson. We decided to do a day look but I left it pretty much up to her- pick colours etc. as long as she used products I don't already use/have.

She started doing the eyes first and was really informative on why/how she used certain products and I never felt patronised (though sometimes I did tell her I owned certain products to save her the effort and time on explaining!!). The lesson was not 'structured' into a plan rather it was personalised to the clients needs, so instead of me actually doing the other side of my face I let her do it and I watched her with a hand held mirror in front.

Me and E.S asked her a lot of questions and she was always willing to answer them and in quite in-depth, even to the point I felt maybe she was telling me a bit too much (about working at M.A.C/retail/how to deal with clients/freelancing)!!

I was really pleased with the end result as it was exactly what I asked for- a day look. I think maybe I would be more 'amazed' if I was new to make-up but the look was nothing 'new' to me but the application was. I think sometimes people overlook application and depend on products/expect them to perform a certain way when really it usually depends on how you apply them and what tools you use.

Lately I have been using the traditional flat foundation brush but she used the M.A.C 187 (I use this for powder usually) to apply foundation and my skin looked so much better and 'airbrushed'. She also used a tiny-tiny-tiny amount on a petri dish which I am guilty of not doing and just end up using way too much.

She also used the 224 brush to do most of the eye work blending which again I was pleasantly surprised by (much softer appearance) as I'm often dependent on the 217.

The lesson ended at around 10 past 1, so half an hour overtime and we spent the end of the session talking about the products we used and me and E.S never felt she was trying to fob us off.

I would definitely recommend a lesson at M.A.C especially if you are new to make-up as you not only learn about the products themselves but also the application and tools to use. Not only that, your teacher is usually a MUA who has worked for M.A.C for several years or if your lucky you could even have the manager herself (M.C had her!!) so you know you will be in safe/experienced hands.

My only criticism is I didn't get a face chart as advertised but to be honest I didn't exactly mention anything about it and I didn't exactly need one.

  • STUDIO FIX FLUID SPF 15- NC20, my favourite 'night' foundation ever!!!!!
  • STUDIO FINISH CONCEALER SPF35- NW 35, my quest to find the perfect under-eye concealer continues....
  • 109 BRUSH, I blame Pixi2woo!!!!
  • 217 BRUSH, I use this brush so much!!
  • AND I bought on-line- FACE AND BODY FOUNDATION IN C2, as I want a 'everyday' foundation and I don't want to use up NARS sheer glow so quickly- yes I broke my finish-sheer-matte-foundation-first promise!!!
Hope it was useful and I will try to get all my comp' troubles sorted ASAP!!