Thursday, 12 August 2010


LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART- I am doing a UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (only a year long!)

Hey guys, just a ramble from me to make up (excuse the pun) for the loss of make-up related posts that should be on here. Fingers crossed I get a new computer this weekend because the one I'm using is shockingly 'shite' (slow with a capital SSSS- and wow with the alliterations going on).

Anyway what's my dramatic title post about? I START COLLEGE ON MONDAY!!!! And........ A-LEVEL RESULTS ON THURSDAY!!! Wow time has flown past and yet again this summer I've accomplished nothing!!! Wait....I'm pretty sure I told myself I would write a CV at the beginning of summer. Fail.

I am really nervous and excited about college. I went to enrol yesterday and it was weird to think the people who were also there could be my potential class mates. I think I'm more nervous about the prospect of making new friends- or lack of. Since I'm not exactly loud, outlandish or bubbly. Whilst I'm on about friends- me and my close friend who is also going seem to have this on going paranoia we will leave each other lol. Which makes me laugh because I am positive he will bugger off and leave me first and he thinks I'd do vice versa to him... not!!! Apparently 250 students are also doing the course so I guess I could break the ice with "Sooooo, you like art then?"

Also results day is this Thursday. 2 years of hard work (DAMN YOU TEXTILES!!!) comes down to grades on a piece of paper *sigh*! The nerves haven't kicked in too much yet but I am not in as harsh of a position as my other friends who are mostly dependent on the grades they get to get into uni'. I never like to predict the grades I may get, but I didn't do too bad in AS so hopefully I've evened out my points score. I am particularly nervous about the grades for textiles (exam was hard- duh like all exams ahaha) and media because its always been the subject I like the most but do the worst in!!!

 Not sure when I'll update you guys next. Fingers crossed I get a new comp' so I can upload photos and get back to schedule with my make-up posts. I will definitely update you guys with college and results on Thursday- hopefully positive about both.

Talk soon x x x

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