Monday, 25 November 2013


The queue for people with tickets! Funnily enough buying tickets on the day actually got us in quicker. Had to wait like 15 mins? Not bad. 
My battered wristband thing
So one of the main reasons for going to Thought Bubble was because I wanted to meet Jack Teagle. I'm a huge fan of his work and my inner geeky side really wanted something signed by him. So above is one of my favourite comics by him and he even did a doodle! I'll throw it out there but it's weird meeting illustrators/creatives in real life who you've admired for awhile? It's like 'fancying' their work but meeting the creator there's a bit of disconnect even though it's by them? So I think throughout the day I was really happy and excited to meet illustrators I've admired for awhile but when I met them I didn't know what to say... or maybe because I'm shy? I don't know. God I know I've used the weirdest analogy to try describe this. 
I also bought this risograph print by him that I've wanted for awhile. You can buy it here
When I asked if he could sign my comic of his I also decided to give him one of my Kitty comics. It's not that I think I'm even remotely good but his comics actually inspired me to create my own. He was really nice about it and said we could do a comic swap. So above is some some of the comic posters I picked up. Pretty sure I was allowed more than one?
Chubby! It's a new collaboration between Jack and Donya Todd. Looks good so I bought a shirt to support... and obviously because it's so FREAKING CUTE.
Picked up this Kristyna Baczynski print. Love the style and colour use.
Some business cards... well actually two. Can anyone else relate to going up to people's stand and looking at their work and feeling guilty for not buying anything? I kind of felt this all day especially when the artist is literally in front of you.
Dilraj Mann - love the characters he creates. This screen print is so beautiful!
Love this so much! Can't wait to frame it. Speaking of lovely female creatives I also met Gemma Correll who was super nice too.
Oh hey! It's a queue. How long was I stood outside in this bitter cold November weather for? More than an hour. Why? This was the queue to Olly Moss. SO FUCKING WORTH IT. If you are not familiar go Google him. NOW! Really original and quirky ideas.... and he also has a massive fan base which means trying to own something by him is really tricky or expensive (look at Ebay for his stuff). So... yes this is my chance to own some of work so hell yes to queuing for a stupid amount of time - sorry Sophie for making you do this too.
 My prints! I didn't know they were exclusive to Thought Bubble so yay for that. Again  I can't wait to frame this for my future home. Right now they are safely stored away. 
I might of picked up a 'few' of business cards I liked by him.

Hey guys, a post that is slightly geeky and definitely not related make-up related. I went to Thought Bubble  last Saturday and I really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd share it with you guys... well mainly my haul. I've been on a slightly bad and expensive kick with buying prints. I've actually got some Nous Vous coming my way too. But hey it's like buying art - I see it kind of as an investment. Nothing beats actually owning a physical version of some art work. 
I should also point out I'm not a massive comic fan. Or hardcore anyway. I think from looking at the things I did get you can see I'm more interested in the illustration-y side of things but I had a really fun day looking at artists doodling and finding new creatives too. I spent a good 5 hours browsing around as it was divided into 3 different buildings. There was also some talks and workshop things going on too if that floats your boat. I'll definitely come back again next year :)
Before I go... where have I been? Uni has taken over my life. I'm really sorry for the lack of posts - hopefully after Christmas I can have some free time again.