Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Only recently found this store and they have some really good designs! 100% organic cotton too which is always a bonus. This design makes me laugh - I've already had someone saying they liked my band shirt.... oh dear. IRONZ.
I managed to get this book for £10... amazzzzzing (pages are perfect, only the cover bounding loose). I'm a sucker for fashion photography and the book has all the models I love. The above is my favourite page from the book. 
Leather = investment piece. From madre, thank-you! Actually speaking of Dr Martens I've ordered another 1460 boots by them... MY MUM WILL KILL ME WHEN SHE FINDS OUT. I'm into shoes right now. Can't help it. ASOS CODE MADE ME DO IT.
 My parents don't usually do surprise presents for me so it was cool to unwrap something this year (usually my mum will get me some things when we're in town together e.g the bag above). Not sure if I've mentioned this but when I got back home for the first time since I started back uni' my parents completely redecorated my room. SO UNNECESSARY. But I'm really grateful, I have a lot more storage space so these ornaments 'jazz' up the cabinets. Mouse-y deers?! I see mouse. Others see deers. 
 My best friend bought me an extra suprise present. Thank-you! They're Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings and I love them. I don't usually like red/gold jewelry but they seem to go with everything. Subtle and not too label flash. Lipstick is Illmasqua's encounter :)
Mid-way doing my essay. I'm not good with words... I never do terribly but yeah, this photo illustrates my thoughts. 
Decided to make a snowman at 1AM. The boys did most of the work because I came out later (I was geeking it = essay). Anyway I look stupidly happy and I'm 5ft 1 ish.... the snowman was HUGE! The boys are 6ft ish. 
Most recent. Not shown my face in awhile. Quick make-up update is I've gone back to using powder for the brows. My dislike for them before was they never seemed to last, but no problems now! I use of mix of MAC's omega, brun and concrete. Lipstick is Revlon's black cherry. 
Love fashion but I'm more interested with the images inside. Lots of editorial images... my favourite. 
Lots of DOUCHE-Y posey photos of me, so this is me with nothing before bed. 40 mins walk to uni.... DAMN SHORT LEGS. 

Hey guys, I've been preoccupied so just compiling things now! I usually do a birthday post but I didn't really do anything that day (17th). I think it was mid SNOW HELL in Newcastle preventing me from leaving the house anyway...... and you guys know I'm not too big on my own birthdays (hate fuss/attention). BUT I'm 21! How did that happen?! 
Anyway slightly off topic but I'm a pescatarian now (third week)! No motives behind it, I just thought I'd challenge myself. And so far I'm enjoying it. Don't really miss meat and I find it restricts your food choice but for the better since it's usually the veggie/seafood options left which is usually more healthier. Maybe try it out if you guys are interested? I found I was just eating meat for the sake of it sometimes and I guess no animals are getting harmed (sorry fishes and other sea creatures..... I LOVE SUSHI to give up the salmon). Apart from that just usual uni' stuff - 2 new briefs and both due in 5 weeks. Oh and start of dissertation. Gimme booze. Anyway speaking of uni' I've finally updated my graphic design blog, so you can see what I actually get up to when you don't hear from me!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Love the contrast of the stipple brush strokes against the black. Love love love.
The main reference/direction we decided on when consulting E.H about the look she wanted. I love the sort of acrylic paint effect going on - cracked and slightly peeling off with a rustic brown-red through the lips and cheeks. Abstract, but perfect. 
I took these while E.H was shooting away, hopefully you can grasp the idea I was going for.
Me at work! So true that you can spot a make-up artist by their hands - always a messy palette.

Hey guys, another collaboration with my friend Emily Hewitson (studies fashion design), who I worked with last time here. I had free run on the day but we both agreed on the image above would suit the garment she made. Once I perfected the skin, the white paint was literally a one take only approach - which adds to the 'slapped' on effect. For the rest of the face I went with a bruised bitten lip and a hazy brown eye with silver accents, and finished the look with a strong brow.
Hope you guys like it, and it was a really fun brief to do because I don't often get the chance to these more editorial style looks. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


It's not the most flattering make-up ever (for photos)! But I have a soft spot for ochre warm brown hazy-ness around my eyes - it's a bit grungey and gives your eyes some definition without resorting to black. Try it out!
Winged eyed= Parisian chic. It's my go to make-up to 'change up' my eyes. Loads of styles to choose from, so change up the width, colour, medium, flick etc.
Recommend me a decent drug store eyeliner! Collection 2000's changed their formula - it's now watery and not opaque black :(
Some days I go down the 'natural looking' route. Obviously I don't quite pull of natural beauty like she does... but play up the skin - you want to look dewy and fresh so ditch powder products and go with liquids/creams. All about the concealer here. 
Midweek it's usually the "I NEED LIPSTICK" day. Bold lip and lots of mascara. I like the clumpy look but it's optional. Ditch the eyeliner and eye-shadow, all about the lips!
My personal go to lipstick is still: MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme - Extended Play
BLUSH. Think cherub. Focus just on the cheeks and ditch eye make-up - just use mascara. I usually like to focus on my skin too so throw on some illuminating products on top of the cheekbones and blend blend blend!

Hey guys, so this is a quick post because I've got an essay to finish right now but since I'm starting uni' again next week I thought I'd post some of the looks I do when I go in... which is usually 5 days a week. I thought this might be good for you guys too, if you wanted to change up your routine - so there's 5 looks (I don't wear anything on weekends) you could try incorporate into your work week. As you can see I don't really play with eye-shadows or anything that needs time - all about quick cream products!

Saturday, 12 January 2013


I guess normal everyday me (yep, I look crap compared to being fully made-up). I have a new strawberry hat too. 
 Out with high school friends during the holiday period! See I am social!
Most recent! This is what I looked like for Melissa's birthday meal..... deffo don't suit the straight hair look. MASSIVE MOON FACE. 

Hey guys, I wasn't going to done one of these but there's been a few on my blog list awhile ago and it inspired me to compile my own. Maybe if I post it on the 'net for everyone to see I'll stay true to my words? I hope so anyway. It's not going to be anything exciting or bucket list-esque... just things I've reflected on would make me a better person. 
  1. BE MORE TRUSTING - I've been trying to work on this for awhile. Maybe it's down to my perfectionist/control freak side of me but I need to trust and have faith on others a lot more. 
  2. GET OVER MY STRANGER 'PHOBIA' - I can generally get along with anyone... but I seem to have a fear or get really uncomfortable when strangers/randomers try to make conversations with me? Like in town or at the bus stop... I kind of just freak out and try and say as little as possible (in a nice way). Anyway I'm going to try get over my fear and try engage in conversations properly. Not everyone is a psychopath (paranoia). 
  3. WORK AND PLAY - my work vs play ratio is really unbalanced. I'm a bit of a workaholic , and I admit it, but maybe it's getting a bit too much? It's not necessarily an issue for me personally but kind of for others around me (friends/flatmates)?  I'm going to try compromise my time so I have a bit more play over working all the time. 
  4. KEEP AT IT -  I've been quite good for the last two months with the whole weight issue but last month was a bit of a slip up. I got a bit carb crazy. The 'healthy' kind but too much. Like stress eating muesli at 2AM for like 2 weeks before deadline. Not good. And then after deadline I started eating 'naughty' things because I had the "hey I deserve this" mentality. Anyway long story short is I need to keep at it from this point on and not have minor or major slip ups!
  5. GIVE THINGS A GO - I've had some fair few lost opportunities in the past because I over think things - when really I should just see how things happen. So I'm going to be more open minded into letting 'things' into my life this year. 
  6. SELL MYSELF - I need to self promote myself more. It's currently just through word-of-mouth because I don't like 'bragging' about the stuff I do. But I think I should make more connections this year and do more collaborations. I see so many fashion students knocking about I should really have the balls to offer my services.
  7. POSITIVE THINKING - I'm going to sound a tad hippy, but 'HAPPY THOUGHTS' MENTALITY! Fuck, even maybe being OPTIMISTIC. I'm a total hypocrite because I always tell/encourage people to be optimistic about situations etc. but I don't apply it to myself. Maybe I'll try smiling more too.
  8. SAVE SAVE SAVE - I've been much better with my money than previous years so this year I'm  just going to keep at it and just have the *occasional* small splurge. 
  9. BEING A BETTER FRIEND - I seriously have such awesome close friends who do a lot for me, and I know more than I do for them. I appreciate it all and I'm going to do the same for you all!!!
  10. FAMILY - I feel like as I'm getting older I'm getting closer with my parents which is really nice, especially my dad. I've been brought up with children and adults do the their own separate things.  So there's always been a weird but comfortable normal 'awkwardness' with my dad (I'm a bit of a mummy's girl). Anyway ever since I did F.A.D I've felt more close knit and I want to keep it up! 
That's my list.... what are your resolutions?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


My beautiful friend. She doesn't normally wear make-up so this was a really fun job! 

Hey guys, a quick post on the make-up I did for my lovely friend Melissa for her birthday meal! The brief was kind of glam but natural. So nothing too overdone and just accentuating features. From looking at her dress and hair I had a 'princess' style make-up in my head. Very girly - focusing on the eyes (her natural eyelashes are so long AND holds curls..... JEALOUS) but with a pop of pink blush on the cheeks and highlighting work to give the skin a good glow. From start to finish it took me about an hour! 

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Francois Nars behind the make-up for Marc Jacobs S/S 13 collection. Edie Sedgwick as the main reference but a modern interpretation to lessen the 60s vibe with no lipstick, blush or false eyelashes to translate the models into modern New York girls.
This is why I love make-up.You can so easily change the appearance of features with strategic placements of shading. Such a classic 60s look of the drooping moon shape eye with the added false lashes to frame the eyes. Almost manga-esque?
Edie's trademark: strong eyebrows and monochromatic crease on the lids. 
My interpretation!

Hey guys, this is probably my most 'authentic' 60s inspired look I've done to date. I've done a few 60's inspired looks but I've surprisingly not done the classic moon shape they seemed to rock.
I decided to go all out by adding false lashes, but to keep it looking not too costume-y I didn't use any white eye-shadow which would of changed the look completely. I wanted it to look quite wearable so nothing was too polished. I did a quite haphazard blending of the black fake crease by blending out a kohl pencil outline with shadow and heavy mascara with a full strip of false eyelashes on the top lash line and a selection of individual clusters on the lower lash line. To complete the look I did the infamous full brow and muted the lips with a pale nude lipstick.
Do you like my Edie inspired look?