Thursday, 3 January 2013


Francois Nars behind the make-up for Marc Jacobs S/S 13 collection. Edie Sedgwick as the main reference but a modern interpretation to lessen the 60s vibe with no lipstick, blush or false eyelashes to translate the models into modern New York girls.
This is why I love make-up.You can so easily change the appearance of features with strategic placements of shading. Such a classic 60s look of the drooping moon shape eye with the added false lashes to frame the eyes. Almost manga-esque?
Edie's trademark: strong eyebrows and monochromatic crease on the lids. 
My interpretation!

Hey guys, this is probably my most 'authentic' 60s inspired look I've done to date. I've done a few 60's inspired looks but I've surprisingly not done the classic moon shape they seemed to rock.
I decided to go all out by adding false lashes, but to keep it looking not too costume-y I didn't use any white eye-shadow which would of changed the look completely. I wanted it to look quite wearable so nothing was too polished. I did a quite haphazard blending of the black fake crease by blending out a kohl pencil outline with shadow and heavy mascara with a full strip of false eyelashes on the top lash line and a selection of individual clusters on the lower lash line. To complete the look I did the infamous full brow and muted the lips with a pale nude lipstick.
Do you like my Edie inspired look?

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