Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Only recently found this store and they have some really good designs! 100% organic cotton too which is always a bonus. This design makes me laugh - I've already had someone saying they liked my band shirt.... oh dear. IRONZ.
I managed to get this book for £10... amazzzzzing (pages are perfect, only the cover bounding loose). I'm a sucker for fashion photography and the book has all the models I love. The above is my favourite page from the book. 
Leather = investment piece. From madre, thank-you! Actually speaking of Dr Martens I've ordered another 1460 boots by them... MY MUM WILL KILL ME WHEN SHE FINDS OUT. I'm into shoes right now. Can't help it. ASOS CODE MADE ME DO IT.
 My parents don't usually do surprise presents for me so it was cool to unwrap something this year (usually my mum will get me some things when we're in town together e.g the bag above). Not sure if I've mentioned this but when I got back home for the first time since I started back uni' my parents completely redecorated my room. SO UNNECESSARY. But I'm really grateful, I have a lot more storage space so these ornaments 'jazz' up the cabinets. Mouse-y deers?! I see mouse. Others see deers. 
 My best friend bought me an extra suprise present. Thank-you! They're Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings and I love them. I don't usually like red/gold jewelry but they seem to go with everything. Subtle and not too label flash. Lipstick is Illmasqua's encounter :)
Mid-way doing my essay. I'm not good with words... I never do terribly but yeah, this photo illustrates my thoughts. 
Decided to make a snowman at 1AM. The boys did most of the work because I came out later (I was geeking it = essay). Anyway I look stupidly happy and I'm 5ft 1 ish.... the snowman was HUGE! The boys are 6ft ish. 
Most recent. Not shown my face in awhile. Quick make-up update is I've gone back to using powder for the brows. My dislike for them before was they never seemed to last, but no problems now! I use of mix of MAC's omega, brun and concrete. Lipstick is Revlon's black cherry. 
Love fashion but I'm more interested with the images inside. Lots of editorial images... my favourite. 
Lots of DOUCHE-Y posey photos of me, so this is me with nothing before bed. 40 mins walk to uni.... DAMN SHORT LEGS. 

Hey guys, I've been preoccupied so just compiling things now! I usually do a birthday post but I didn't really do anything that day (17th). I think it was mid SNOW HELL in Newcastle preventing me from leaving the house anyway...... and you guys know I'm not too big on my own birthdays (hate fuss/attention). BUT I'm 21! How did that happen?! 
Anyway slightly off topic but I'm a pescatarian now (third week)! No motives behind it, I just thought I'd challenge myself. And so far I'm enjoying it. Don't really miss meat and I find it restricts your food choice but for the better since it's usually the veggie/seafood options left which is usually more healthier. Maybe try it out if you guys are interested? I found I was just eating meat for the sake of it sometimes and I guess no animals are getting harmed (sorry fishes and other sea creatures..... I LOVE SUSHI to give up the salmon). Apart from that just usual uni' stuff - 2 new briefs and both due in 5 weeks. Oh and start of dissertation. Gimme booze. Anyway speaking of uni' I've finally updated my graphic design blog, so you can see what I actually get up to when you don't hear from me!

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