Wednesday, 16 January 2013


It's not the most flattering make-up ever (for photos)! But I have a soft spot for ochre warm brown hazy-ness around my eyes - it's a bit grungey and gives your eyes some definition without resorting to black. Try it out!
Winged eyed= Parisian chic. It's my go to make-up to 'change up' my eyes. Loads of styles to choose from, so change up the width, colour, medium, flick etc.
Recommend me a decent drug store eyeliner! Collection 2000's changed their formula - it's now watery and not opaque black :(
Some days I go down the 'natural looking' route. Obviously I don't quite pull of natural beauty like she does... but play up the skin - you want to look dewy and fresh so ditch powder products and go with liquids/creams. All about the concealer here. 
Midweek it's usually the "I NEED LIPSTICK" day. Bold lip and lots of mascara. I like the clumpy look but it's optional. Ditch the eyeliner and eye-shadow, all about the lips!
My personal go to lipstick is still: MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme - Extended Play
BLUSH. Think cherub. Focus just on the cheeks and ditch eye make-up - just use mascara. I usually like to focus on my skin too so throw on some illuminating products on top of the cheekbones and blend blend blend!

Hey guys, so this is a quick post because I've got an essay to finish right now but since I'm starting uni' again next week I thought I'd post some of the looks I do when I go in... which is usually 5 days a week. I thought this might be good for you guys too, if you wanted to change up your routine - so there's 5 looks (I don't wear anything on weekends) you could try incorporate into your work week. As you can see I don't really play with eye-shadows or anything that needs time - all about quick cream products!

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