Saturday, 12 January 2013


I guess normal everyday me (yep, I look crap compared to being fully made-up). I have a new strawberry hat too. 
 Out with high school friends during the holiday period! See I am social!
Most recent! This is what I looked like for Melissa's birthday meal..... deffo don't suit the straight hair look. MASSIVE MOON FACE. 

Hey guys, I wasn't going to done one of these but there's been a few on my blog list awhile ago and it inspired me to compile my own. Maybe if I post it on the 'net for everyone to see I'll stay true to my words? I hope so anyway. It's not going to be anything exciting or bucket list-esque... just things I've reflected on would make me a better person. 
  1. BE MORE TRUSTING - I've been trying to work on this for awhile. Maybe it's down to my perfectionist/control freak side of me but I need to trust and have faith on others a lot more. 
  2. GET OVER MY STRANGER 'PHOBIA' - I can generally get along with anyone... but I seem to have a fear or get really uncomfortable when strangers/randomers try to make conversations with me? Like in town or at the bus stop... I kind of just freak out and try and say as little as possible (in a nice way). Anyway I'm going to try get over my fear and try engage in conversations properly. Not everyone is a psychopath (paranoia). 
  3. WORK AND PLAY - my work vs play ratio is really unbalanced. I'm a bit of a workaholic , and I admit it, but maybe it's getting a bit too much? It's not necessarily an issue for me personally but kind of for others around me (friends/flatmates)?  I'm going to try compromise my time so I have a bit more play over working all the time. 
  4. KEEP AT IT -  I've been quite good for the last two months with the whole weight issue but last month was a bit of a slip up. I got a bit carb crazy. The 'healthy' kind but too much. Like stress eating muesli at 2AM for like 2 weeks before deadline. Not good. And then after deadline I started eating 'naughty' things because I had the "hey I deserve this" mentality. Anyway long story short is I need to keep at it from this point on and not have minor or major slip ups!
  5. GIVE THINGS A GO - I've had some fair few lost opportunities in the past because I over think things - when really I should just see how things happen. So I'm going to be more open minded into letting 'things' into my life this year. 
  6. SELL MYSELF - I need to self promote myself more. It's currently just through word-of-mouth because I don't like 'bragging' about the stuff I do. But I think I should make more connections this year and do more collaborations. I see so many fashion students knocking about I should really have the balls to offer my services.
  7. POSITIVE THINKING - I'm going to sound a tad hippy, but 'HAPPY THOUGHTS' MENTALITY! Fuck, even maybe being OPTIMISTIC. I'm a total hypocrite because I always tell/encourage people to be optimistic about situations etc. but I don't apply it to myself. Maybe I'll try smiling more too.
  8. SAVE SAVE SAVE - I've been much better with my money than previous years so this year I'm  just going to keep at it and just have the *occasional* small splurge. 
  9. BEING A BETTER FRIEND - I seriously have such awesome close friends who do a lot for me, and I know more than I do for them. I appreciate it all and I'm going to do the same for you all!!!
  10. FAMILY - I feel like as I'm getting older I'm getting closer with my parents which is really nice, especially my dad. I've been brought up with children and adults do the their own separate things.  So there's always been a weird but comfortable normal 'awkwardness' with my dad (I'm a bit of a mummy's girl). Anyway ever since I did F.A.D I've felt more close knit and I want to keep it up! 
That's my list.... what are your resolutions?

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