Saturday, 28 April 2012


Such a make-up MAVERICK. I really love Val Garland's work because the looks she produces are so varied and original each time - she can do anything!
When I browse through my fashion tear sheet/magazine collection, she is usually behind some of my favourite editorials.
This look has been on my 'to do' list for ages! The sort of mix and match of colours and 'that' brow *swoon*.
No flash *I don't think* (had wrong camera settings), so colours are true to life.
Also a mention about my skin.... this is after a months use of Clarisonic! 
One brow and one flick? Yes! In hindsight I should of covered my brows but I didn't plan on taking the colour up so far.

Hey guys, this is my first look since being back at uni (this was done on 21/04/12)! All the looks you've seen so far have been scheduled ones - so I've had a 3 week Easter break from doing 'fashion' make-up!
I was going to keep this kind of tame but I decided to go for it when I gradually kept on adding more and more colours.
 The use of  MUFE flash colours helped the look to have more 'slap dash' feel because it was getting quite 'blendy-blendy' beforehand - I'm too much of a perfectionist :(
The added one brow and one flick is a direct nod to Garland's editorial work for Vogue Italia. And I think adds a 'quirky' playful vibe to the look without making the rest of the face match.
I think with make-up there's that line on how far to take things and learning when to stop (same with anything 'creative' actually).
Hope you guys like it! It was really fun creating this :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Me (looking dorky + my mega round face) and my Clarisonic Mia (£120)

This is a *really* expensive purchase for me. But a long term investment I hope *looks at my DLSR*. I've always heard good things about it but I never thought I needed it. Fast forward to my favourite YouTubers having one, constant battle with dry patches and an ASOS discount code floating around.....the face toothbrush was mine.
Back story: my skin is for the most part is OK - occasional break out maybe once a month but nothing to complain about.
My main issue is my oily t-zone. And I mean really oily. I'm kind of hoping my skin type will change as I get older but I think I've inherited my mums skin..... her skins still really oily at 48! The Clarisonic doesn't claim to reduce oiliness but if I'm cleaning my skin properly, hopefully the skincare products I do use will work better and improve on that situation.
My second issue is flaky skin. The easy and cheaper solution is just to exfoliate (I mix bicarbonate soda with face wash and it does make your skin squeaky clean) BUT it's still a constant struggle because it only lasts a couple of days before the dry patches reappear..... and you can't hide flaky lizard skin (I get it all over - and it's most noticeable after foundation) - it's just gross.
Also I have to say I'm sorry there's no photos of my bare skin for 'before and afters' but I think you guys can take my word for it if its working or not. If anything I'm going to be pissed if nothing major happens!
AND if you wondered why my skin looks 'OK' in photos, I just hide my gross skin texture with lighting and flash ;)
I'm aiming to use it maybe twice a week for a deep cleanse because I hear people can get hooked with it and it can actually do more harm than good to go hardcore sonic-cleansing mad. Aim is good skin= less foundation. Win. Well, that's the idea.

28*/03/12 (first time): Can't believe how much additional make-up it has taken off after my initial make-up cleanse off (Liz Earle's C&P). So all this time whilst I was thinking my skin is clean -  it's not!  It's got ridden of my dry patches and I've been mainly concentrating the brush on my open pores/t-zone area to see if there will be any differences.
9/04/12: Still no purging! I'm still on my Easter break (aka lazy week) so I've only whipped out my Clarisonic if I've been wearing make-up. Skin texture has definitely changed. Much smoother and I'd say 95% of my dry patches have gone and not reappeared. No change on the oiliness but I've used a new product that has coincidentally helped  with that (Invisible Zinc face and body - apparently it's the zinc!)
21/04/12: Still really impressed. No purging.... huzzah! My skin is probably the best condition it has been for years and I *really* don't think it could of been achieved if without the Clarisonic. My skin is more luminous and my dry patches are so much better- nowhere near as bad as it were. Note: sorry if I sound really LAME. I am really this lame and cheesy.

Hey guys, I kept this purchase on the low because I was a bit skeptical and wanted to test it for awhile before I shared my thoughts on it. And..... so far it's been a good investment!
I don't think my skin could be like it is right now if I had just carried on with my old routine - which I'd say is quite 'intense' for a 20 year old anyway - damn you blogging world for making me aware of these lotions and potions!
I'd 100% recommend it to anyone who is wanting to improve their skin texture and just to really deep cleanse the skin.
If you have 'OK' skin and your current routine isn't helping you go to the 'YAY' skin mode..... go for it and incorporate a Clarisonic into your routine!

Saturday, 21 April 2012


I always reference back to this... I love the make-up so much (I'm a sucker for bleached brows).
Eagle-eyed readers may remember I recreated this look before, but I took it down because I wasn't happy with it. I may re-do it one day!
This is the image that inspired me with this weeks look. You guys know I have a thing for strong make-up. Monochromatic look that is simple yet brash. Oh and Anais Pouliot lips are to die for (current girl crush). I have a thing for pouty lips atm. Lana Del Ray looking... but natural ;)
I know the brows are a tad red toned - I couldn't find my usual pencil! And I think I look like a fish here haha.
Hi stray hair!

Hey guys, S/S is here, so colour is back with a vengeance!
The main emphasis of this weeks look is a raccoon of varying rouge tones around the eyes with matching lips. Instead of a matte stained look seen in the photo above, I decided to add some gloss to amplify the impact even more.
For the rest of the face, just perfect the skin and with the brows I mainly focused on the tail area to add structure. 
Really easy and effective look to achieve. Keeping things simple isn't always such a bad thing!

Thursday, 19 April 2012


  1. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND STILL PRACTICE! Sure you've all heard this before but practice is really key and it's how you will really learn. It's not good enough reading/watching how to do something without physically doing it yourself.
  2. Learn from mistakes. I still make mistakes but you know what, you learn from them and it prevents you from making them further down the line!
  3. Ready? Really? Freelance? Just because you can you make-up on yourself it does NOT mean you can go out and do make-up on other people. It is completely different. Application, tools, colour theory, hygiene, different face/eyes/lips, skin tone/types etc. You have to be confident in your abilities before you charge for your services. Remember your reputation is on the line. If in doubt, wait.
  4. Be prepared to shell out for your kit. It's a worthwhile investment for you to prepared for any given job.
  5. Higher the price = doesn't always mean better the quality. Do your RESEARCH before you buy any product so you save yourself from a 'crap' product. I use YouTube/Makeupalley/blogs to see if products are worth it or not.
  6. Don't be afraid to ask for help! I know some counter assistants can be pushy/hard sell, but majority are helpful and honest, so if your interested in a product just ask for help.
  7. Document every look you do, so as well as keeping a record for yourself you can critically analyse your work and tell what worked and what didn't - be it the techniques you used or specific products.
  8. Invest in good quality tools. You shouldn't just rely on the products themselves, application is also KEY. Synthetic brushes are so advanced now, some even feel and act better than natural hair brushes. The advantage with these new hybrids is it means they mimic natural hair brush qualities too -  so they they work with powder AND liquid products really well. I am a fan of Real Techniques, EcoTools, Shu Uemura, MAC eye brushes, Illamasqua, Sigma's synthetic range and E.L.F studio brushes. 
  9. Often neglected, but sponges and fingers are good tools too. Just make sure they are clean. Sponges can really help set areas by pushing product into areas and the heat from your fingertips can help 'bind' the product to the skin.
  10. Keep pushing yourself in terms of creativity. What's the point of doing the same look over and over again? See things, recreate them, but with your own spin. Magazines/YouTube/Tumblr usually gets me inspired.
  11. Network yourself! Your work should speak for itself but don't be afraid to go out there and tell people about what you do. Use social networking sites (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Blogger) but also the good old medium of word of mouth - I get most of my work through this method. You only have to do one good job to get your name around.
  12. Persistence is key. You never know what opportunities will be around the corner.
  13. Make-up course? You DO NOT have to go to a make-up school to become successful. In fact some of the best MUA's in the world have never been formally trained. It doesn't hurt to get educated, but having a qualification doesn't mean everything.
  14. If you are self teaching, I really RECOMMEND Rae Morris's book. It's the best book I've found that actually covers ALL the basics, tricks and advice in an easy to understand format. I really recommend this book if you are wanting to learn.
  15. Best thing to come to YouTube= Lisa Eldridge. A real working professional make-up artist demonstrating her wealth of knowledge from basics to editorial make-up. If you want to learn, Eldridge is your girl.
  16. Don't be afraid to ask for HONEST critical opinions. My mum is probably the most brutal person I know she'll find a negative in anything - TRUST ME. It's all nice people saying "omg it's amazing" but it doesn't help you develop and honestly what do they know. Get honest feedback and your progression will grow.
  17. For long lasting/flawless makeup, work in THIN layers, this prevents creasing and make sures it really adheres to the skin.
  18. The 'best make-up' is make-up that works with existing features. Whilst with make-up we can alter the appearance of features, more often than not if we work with what's already there, it's the most flattering/fail safe.
  19. Trends don't suit everyone. If it doesn't feel right or suit you, don't feel the need to follow it.
  20. Confidence is key. If you insecure about your look, it will show.
  21. Experiment - try something new. If you are unsure wear it around the house till you feel confident. And remember you can always take it off. Simples.
  22. Remember to use a light hand when working on clients. Use the right pressure and to alter the position of your clients head correctly, give clear directions or gently change by moving the chin.
  23. Find a specialism. The world of make-up is huge. Find your element and nail your skills in it and branch out if you want to. You don't necessarily have to dabble in everything. It's better to be great at one thing than be mediocre at ten.
  24. Want to save money and make your own 'unique' shades? Custom blend! Lipsticks to eye shadows just layer/mix together and create your own blend and save on the mullah.
  25. Always CLEAN your brushes. Everyone around me outside 'make-up world' are so lazy about their brushes but it doesn't make any sense. Dirty brushes = muddy outcome/face. Simply use a mild shampoo (deep clean) or brush cleaner (spot clean) for sanitised brushes.
  26. What sets apart good and 'perfect' make-up is the small details - have an eye for spotting out details other won't. Do you need to fill in the upper lash line? Is the lip line slightly wonky? Has the eyeliner smudged? Are the eyeliner flicks symmetrical on both sides? These small details will push your work and get you noticed.
  27. Let your outside interests influence the work you do. I find if you limit yourself to one source, the work you produce will be limited. Let other outlets (studies/job/hobby) push your creative boundaries further.
  28. If you are to master any skill, it is blending. Once you get the hang of it the possibilities are endless. From powders to cream formulas, blending can mimic an 'airbrush' look.
  29. You can use any product to suit your needs. Just because it's a blush it doesn't mean you can't use it for the eyes. Have fun!
  30. Work logically. Instead of using X amount of brushes for different things, if you work in order - foundation to concealer and lastly highlight etc, it can reduce the amount of brushes you use everyday/have to clean.
  31. Take every opportunity, but make sure you get something out of it by the end - either experience or the images if you are doing TFCD. It's your time and kit too. Don't get abused by the system.
  32. We all start from somewhere. I believe ANYONE can pick up make-up, just practice and see where it goes. 
Hey guys, I posted this around two years ago, and since then I've gained a few more followers so I thought I'd revise this post as I've learned TONS since then too.
Obviously this is all from my personal experience and I'm not exactly a pro' here. But I thought you guys might find it useful. It's a mix of general and more MUA related tips.
Hope some of it was useful and encouraging. The tips above are good reminders for myself too.

Saturday, 14 April 2012


Yes. I'm referencing a Galliano girl again. It's a sultry dark doll, with the rich reds and flashes of metallic gold *dies*. Stephane Marais is also behind the hair and make-up <3
PRADA F/W 2012
Dubbed "virtual princesses" it's a very graphic and heavy look with the block colours, neon accents, sharp defining lines and harsh highlighting. It kind of reminds me of graffiti. It's kind of 'pretty ugly.'
The weird blue tinge on my neck is from my hair dye, ignore!
I still need to work on the lips! Still trying to master the technique of a sharp lip line. Give me some tips if you can help me out! Apart from practice ;) 

Hey guys, back with a more 'adventurous' look. I'm kind of loving my MUFE flash colour palette ATM..... so VERSATILE.
My aim for the make-up was to take the doll elements from the Galliano ad (gold lid accent and brows) and mix it with the Prada look, which for me was the colour scheme they used of black, white, orange and purple... an unusual colour palette I think.
What do you guys think? Even though it's very harsh I've kept it kind of 'soft' at the same time with the blurred out edges (I think I have a thing for blending) with the only 'defining' element being the straight eye brows.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Hey guys, thought I'd share some AWESOME make-up images I've stumbled across on Tumblr lately.
From natural to dramatic and bleached brows to drawn on brows..... SO want a full time job in make-up.
 Also I totally recommend Tumblr if you are looking for inspiration in any field - best image sourcing site ever!
Any looks you guys particularly like from the above?

Friday, 6 April 2012


Stella McCartney F/W 2012
Neon periwinkle lashes paired with a fresh clean face
I should of used fake lashes... look how WIMPY my lashes are!
I'm not sure what they used at S.M - possibly just a coloured mascara. I had to mix up my own concotion so I think this just weighed down my lashes even more - I got the colour though!
Anyway I didn't feel like giving up and I whipped out my trusty MUFE flash colour palette to try liven things up or I'd just wash my face and call it a day (which happens a lot).....
 3 flash colours later! That's it! No change to the rest of the face.
 So liberating to see creasing... mmm creasy!
This image was at the back of my mind when I was using the MUFE palette.

Hey guys (I will never stop starting my posts with that), back with another 'experimental' style make-up!
I've done a 'brush stroke' type look before but this time it was more about being 'slap dash' almost like painting with oils or something (p.s I hate painting) and just working with my eye shape. 
I could of been more adventurous with the colour scheme but I wanted to work with the existing blue eyelashes... there is next time!

Monday, 2 April 2012


Queuing up for the talk *_*
I'm the one in all black with the brown Aztec style bag on the right. The guy next to me was a photographer  papping at Newcastle's 'street style' offering. I knew I should of made some effort because the photos will probably emerge on the 'net at some point of me looking like a black sheep amongst the fashion students..... which you can kind of see already. FAIL.
Back to Pugh and McDowell!
Stalker shot
Stalker shot 2

First of all... YES I WENT INTO FAN GIRL MODE. Which is: I get giddy, smile a lot (for me to is rare - unless I'm drunk or I 'like like' you) and say "OMG!" repeatedly like a prepubescent teen. No offence. 
It's one of them very surreal moments when you meet someone in real life who you've always really admired.
I remember first seeing his work around GCSE/A-level time and I was just amazed. It really was something new and innovative. No real heavy references to the past just a strong new wave of Pugh vision. And, the boys done good since graduating 9 years ago and now showing in Paris with a strong cult following. 
The talk was part of Fashion Fringe's tour and it was an hour long conversation with founder Colin McDowell with a short Q&A session with the audience at the end.
It was a really fascinating talk, with memories from the past, his opinions on the fashion world and how he's got to where he is now. 
For someone with such a strong conviction with his aesthetic, it was kind of charming to find him kind of quiet/shy (he loosened up after a couple glasses of wine) and very modest.
He made a point that he doesn't kiss ass with the industry and he hates fashions designers obsession with celebrity culture/social media. He just wants to be a designer. And I like that about him.
He stuck around at the end for a tiny bit and I managed to sneak a quick question (he was literally walking out) on how he made his contacts in the beginning, did he have to do the chasing or did his work make people come to him? His answer was something along the lines of they come to you, just do your own thing (my memory sucks).
Yep, that's my story! Have you guys ever met someone you've always really admired? 


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