Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Me (looking dorky + my mega round face) and my Clarisonic Mia (£120)

This is a *really* expensive purchase for me. But a long term investment I hope *looks at my DLSR*. I've always heard good things about it but I never thought I needed it. Fast forward to my favourite YouTubers having one, constant battle with dry patches and an ASOS discount code floating around.....the face toothbrush was mine.
Back story: my skin is for the most part is OK - occasional break out maybe once a month but nothing to complain about.
My main issue is my oily t-zone. And I mean really oily. I'm kind of hoping my skin type will change as I get older but I think I've inherited my mums skin..... her skins still really oily at 48! The Clarisonic doesn't claim to reduce oiliness but if I'm cleaning my skin properly, hopefully the skincare products I do use will work better and improve on that situation.
My second issue is flaky skin. The easy and cheaper solution is just to exfoliate (I mix bicarbonate soda with face wash and it does make your skin squeaky clean) BUT it's still a constant struggle because it only lasts a couple of days before the dry patches reappear..... and you can't hide flaky lizard skin (I get it all over - and it's most noticeable after foundation) - it's just gross.
Also I have to say I'm sorry there's no photos of my bare skin for 'before and afters' but I think you guys can take my word for it if its working or not. If anything I'm going to be pissed if nothing major happens!
AND if you wondered why my skin looks 'OK' in photos, I just hide my gross skin texture with lighting and flash ;)
I'm aiming to use it maybe twice a week for a deep cleanse because I hear people can get hooked with it and it can actually do more harm than good to go hardcore sonic-cleansing mad. Aim is good skin= less foundation. Win. Well, that's the idea.

28*/03/12 (first time): Can't believe how much additional make-up it has taken off after my initial make-up cleanse off (Liz Earle's C&P). So all this time whilst I was thinking my skin is clean -  it's not!  It's got ridden of my dry patches and I've been mainly concentrating the brush on my open pores/t-zone area to see if there will be any differences.
9/04/12: Still no purging! I'm still on my Easter break (aka lazy week) so I've only whipped out my Clarisonic if I've been wearing make-up. Skin texture has definitely changed. Much smoother and I'd say 95% of my dry patches have gone and not reappeared. No change on the oiliness but I've used a new product that has coincidentally helped  with that (Invisible Zinc face and body - apparently it's the zinc!)
21/04/12: Still really impressed. No purging.... huzzah! My skin is probably the best condition it has been for years and I *really* don't think it could of been achieved if without the Clarisonic. My skin is more luminous and my dry patches are so much better- nowhere near as bad as it were. Note: sorry if I sound really LAME. I am really this lame and cheesy.

Hey guys, I kept this purchase on the low because I was a bit skeptical and wanted to test it for awhile before I shared my thoughts on it. And..... so far it's been a good investment!
I don't think my skin could be like it is right now if I had just carried on with my old routine - which I'd say is quite 'intense' for a 20 year old anyway - damn you blogging world for making me aware of these lotions and potions!
I'd 100% recommend it to anyone who is wanting to improve their skin texture and just to really deep cleanse the skin.
If you have 'OK' skin and your current routine isn't helping you go to the 'YAY' skin mode..... go for it and incorporate a Clarisonic into your routine!

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