Monday, 2 April 2012


Queuing up for the talk *_*
I'm the one in all black with the brown Aztec style bag on the right. The guy next to me was a photographer  papping at Newcastle's 'street style' offering. I knew I should of made some effort because the photos will probably emerge on the 'net at some point of me looking like a black sheep amongst the fashion students..... which you can kind of see already. FAIL.
Back to Pugh and McDowell!
Stalker shot
Stalker shot 2

First of all... YES I WENT INTO FAN GIRL MODE. Which is: I get giddy, smile a lot (for me to is rare - unless I'm drunk or I 'like like' you) and say "OMG!" repeatedly like a prepubescent teen. No offence. 
It's one of them very surreal moments when you meet someone in real life who you've always really admired.
I remember first seeing his work around GCSE/A-level time and I was just amazed. It really was something new and innovative. No real heavy references to the past just a strong new wave of Pugh vision. And, the boys done good since graduating 9 years ago and now showing in Paris with a strong cult following. 
The talk was part of Fashion Fringe's tour and it was an hour long conversation with founder Colin McDowell with a short Q&A session with the audience at the end.
It was a really fascinating talk, with memories from the past, his opinions on the fashion world and how he's got to where he is now. 
For someone with such a strong conviction with his aesthetic, it was kind of charming to find him kind of quiet/shy (he loosened up after a couple glasses of wine) and very modest.
He made a point that he doesn't kiss ass with the industry and he hates fashions designers obsession with celebrity culture/social media. He just wants to be a designer. And I like that about him.
He stuck around at the end for a tiny bit and I managed to sneak a quick question (he was literally walking out) on how he made his contacts in the beginning, did he have to do the chasing or did his work make people come to him? His answer was something along the lines of they come to you, just do your own thing (my memory sucks).
Yep, that's my story! Have you guys ever met someone you've always really admired? 

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