Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Before, a typical look I like to do for school or shopping. Block colour blended with liner and lots of mascara! And yuck for dry lips.

After! Hopefully you can read the products she used.

First of all I feel so CRAP!! Sore throat and general sniffles. To top this off I had my art foundation year interview and my mum is getting beyond mad at my make-up buying habits (she knows I've been shopping but I'm not telling her how much I spent!!).

After my interview I returned back to Leeds to do some shopping with my close friend Elly who is coincidentally as obsessed with makeup as me but she's particularly addicted to lip products and nail polishes while I'm drawn to eye shadows (we make a good pair!).

Eventually my makeover (3:30pm) loomed and Elly decided she wanted to join me and watch. When we both got to the counter it was so busy! Luckily it was Joanna working who I've met before , meaning she'd be doing my makeover. Whilst me and Elly made ourselves useful and starting swatching stuff it was apparent Joanna had literally just finished making someone over (poor girl).

I guess she didn't recognise me at first but after I was sat down she told me she remembered me. This was my first time anyone has done makeup on me as its usually the other way round which is quite a weird experience. Joanna asked me what I wanted to achieve, and I asked for a more toned down look similar to what she was wearing (she was rocking the spring collection).

After removing my makeup we didn't concentrate on skincare too much as my skin isn't particularly problematic and I was happy with what I was using.

She went through the steps of foundation, concealer, highlighter, powder, bronzer, blusher, eyes, lips, mascara and eyebrows! Which sounds a lot (and is) but her being a pro made it so natural and non cakey!

Tips I picked up was to press powder onto the skin, tap off excess THOROUGHLY and layer on eyeshadow and obviously to blend blend blend. Obviously if I had all the time in the world I would, but sometimes I rush and that's when my makeup isn't as "perfect". Layering was another good tip as I honestly don't do it that often as I prefer to pack on colours and blend but Joanna literally spent like 30 mins just layering and blending to create a stunning gradual effect.

The highlights of my makeover would have to be the blusher, as the application and placement really made a difference and surprisingly... the brows! I usually use an angled brush but she used a small tipped brush to properly fill them in (not patchy like the befores) they look so natural!!

Joanna herself was fantastic and I'm really glad she was my artist. She was super friendly and energetic even though she had just finished a makeover and with interruptions from customers buying things and asking queries. She was also very helpful in questions me and Elly had about application and about careers in the makeup industry and told us to come back if we ever had any more questions.

So that's my review of my makeover, which started at around 3:30pm and ended around 5:00pm. I definitely don't recommend booking one if you're in a rush and please be aware there is slight delays with customers wondering in (unless your counter has more than one SA).

£30 redeemable against products! Do it, highly recommended!

My haul will be posted in a separate post and sorry for the rubbish photos but I was in a rush (I do like to make excuses don't I?) and my god do I look horrible with my eyes closed!


I bought NARS sheer matte foundation in Fiji and blush in Desire

Freebies: aqua gel hyrdrator, brightening serum, hydrating freshening lotion (these particular products are recommended for those with dry/normal skin types) and 2x Fiji foundation samples (gave one to Elly).

OK stop haulin' LF!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Brown with gold flecks

The packaging reminds me of Mcueen

Can see the smashed silver :(

At last an update from me! Came back at around 9pm last night and should be in bed but I'm being bad and updating myself on everything that's been going on in the world of the web.

I'm also really chuffed to of find out I've won a make-up contest, which is cool as the other entries were awesome.

Anyway for the past 5 days I've been in Paris! On a art trip with school visiting popular art galleries and tourist attractions. I so want to live there, every things so beautiful and the city is full of energy.... and did I mention the HUGE L.V store there (so wish I have money). OK back to haulage. I've been drilling into my friends head about Sephora being a make-up mecca and when we did manage to get some time for shopping we (pack of 5 girls and one boy :p) swarmed into the store which was absolutely packed!!! The only thing I aimed to get at Sephora was MUFE's 92? eye-shadow but yes it was sold out so I settled for 39 which is much deeper in real life.

Going back home on the ferry also allowed for duty free makeup hauling woo. Lots of Benefit products were reduced and I managed to pick out a untouched CCS in Busy Signal for only £7.50.... bargain! I have tried this product before but in Tattle Tale and wasn't too impressed but I impulsed as its such a good deal so fingers crossed I'll prefer this one!

Another steal was the YSL eye-shadows which usually retails in store for £37? (no way I am willing to splurge on) but was reduced to £22.80, STEAL!!! Apart from me stupidly not checking to see if it was intact and finding afterwards the silver was slightly smashed :( but I'm not a fan of silver anyway! Have done a quick play around and liking the goods so far!

Will do a look soon, I think inspired by Alexander McQueen. As you have probably heard he passed away recently which I am still devastated about (yes I did shed a few tears or two). As I only recently started to love his work and had imagined I would continue seeing his work till I was grey and old. But Lee is hopefully in a better place.

See you soon!

Saturday, 6 February 2010


New storage stuff for my kit

MAC 130 brush. Taken using my dig' cam', I gave up when the sixth shot was still blurred!

I've not done this in ages. But I impulsed bought a £27 brush today. And its a permanent collection one (I think). I used it on Michelle today and it will be useful but my god will my mum kill me if she found out. Also booked a Nars makeover today.... will give you a review on how it went (its on the 17th) and I'm hooked on Nars Sheer Matte foundation. More "natural" looking for daytime but would still stick to MAC's studio fix fluid for photography work :)

See you!


So some of you may or may not know but I do textiles and have done for 4 years now. I don't plan on furthering my career around the fashion industry as a designer. Since as much as I like designing clothes, I don't enjoy making them and to be successful a designer tailoring is a major element you must master. But yeah I still love fashion (even though I don't show this through my personal style) and if you do textiles you will appreciate how clothes are made to another level because seriously you do not know how complicated a garment is to make, unless you've done it!!!

The image above is of Michelle modelling my dress (year 13) inspired by the one and only Lady Gaga. Its not the best photo to see the actual garment but this photo is 'fashiony' and I had to post it (Michelle's wearing a bra so you can't really make out the front fastening detail!).


This collection epitomises how the real L.F would want to dress

Useful for a McQueen newbie fan (I'm not going to pretend I know him inside out when I don't) as it shows his "highlights" throughout his career and pin points his signature style

I had previously heard of Mr. McQueen but this was the collection where I actually got to see all of his craftsmanship and design work. The heels......... lush. R.I.P.


L.F and M.C (Michelle Cheung) are back again! OK. I am a total perfectionist and I cannot stand looking back at the old shots I did before (do some archiving!). Hot blurred mess. Yuck.

If I say so myself these shots are 1000x better and actually run cohesively now then before. Pressure to do better did make the "bitch" L.F to come a bit but Michelle didn't take it offensively... but if you want something done you got to be (slightly) ruthless right?!

Michelle's skin was quite hard to work with today as it was really dry and flaky but the black and white hides it all... woo. The make-up was just pinky-raspberry stained lips ( I've been loving stains lately) with an intense black smoky eye (all around eyes with lots of eye-liner) and false eyelashes... which I had problems with as I kept sticking Mich's eyelashes stuck together. Practice makes perfect guys!

Overall. Happy? Oui. Oui.

p.s these shots are for media

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


On the last page.....nom nom nom

The pamphlet cover

Booklet cover which housed my sample

So I was mooching around Leeds today, on one of those days where you don't particularly have lots of money and you don't really need to buy anything.

Just when I was about to leave Harvey Nichols where I was just aimlessly at MAC swatching everything. I decided, no I'll go to Nars cause I want to try something out and I will not feel intimidated by the M.A!

Got there and I spotted the M.A who I've seen a few times and told her I wanted to try out Nars' sheer matte foundation. Once she tested it on me, I decided to *shock horror* actually hold out a conversation about how I wanted to know more about Francois :p, the brand and what they carried. The M.A called Jo/Joanna was really really nice which was a pleasant surprise as I presume most of you have experienced ( I have anyway) the either stuck up or pushy sales assistant. But no she was lovely and took her time to show and demonstrate how products worked and what would suit me.

Since I didn't have enough money with me and wasn't prepared to splash out (again) on another foundation anytime soon. I asked for a sample of the foundation which surprise surprise was not available in my shade, so I had to opt for a lighter shade. As well as this she also gave me a foundation pamphlet which has the amazing Francois at the back!! And mentioned they did "makeovers" and makeup lessons which costs £30 but is redeemable against purchase.

So next time your are shopping in Leeds check out the Nars counter! The products are so nice and I might be tempted to book a lesson after the Paris trip........bad l.f!!!

Monday, 1 February 2010


Front cover. Photos have been taken using my normal dig' camera, so sorry for quality!

The beautiful Karen Elson

Another favourite, as you can see you have the before and after shots with a in-between clear acetate with the products used labelled and placed in the area used.

Mr. Fran├žois Nars...If only it was my book..

OK so I've only had this book since last week but so far I love it! My lovely friend got me this for my birthday (she did ask what I really wanted :p) and I had been planning on getting it for awhile anyway.
There's some pretty in-depth reviews out there already so check out Amazon's reviews for more a more detailed analysis. But heck I'm going to do a more brief review for you.

Unlike most make-up books, MYM differs by showing a before and after shots but with a acetate sheet in-between so that you know specifically where products were placed (all Nars of course).

I think if you are a complete newbie to make-up then this book wouldn't be that great for teaching how to apply products as I think the book presumes you know how to apply products correctly. But if you are bored of your look or needing some inspiration then this book does the job since its sectioned by categories such as eyes, lips, neutrals, pastels, colours etc.

The majority of all the looks are wearable for the everyday women with an occasional "runway" fashion look appearing. I also like that the book features models with a range of different ethnicities and different features which stops the book becoming repetitive.

Even though the book is more image led. Which I prefer as I like to visually analyse images myself to recreate, rather then reading instructions on how to achieve a look. The book still has very useful written pages featuring tips and an insight into Fran├žois's preferences and philosophy's.

Lastly after speaking to a Nars M.A today apparently MYM 2 is coming out in 6 months time and I think will be featuring 'ordinary' women rather then models. Yay!


Bags don't belong to us... but our mothers!!

Taking a break, posing still necessary

So here is my Harvey Nichols women's wear interpretation.. take two! Wasn't really pleased with my first time shots but this time I'm really happy and I think they look more "polished" and professional. Michelle fell asleep while I was doing her make-up which was really weird to move a lifeless head!

The make-up was a smokey eye with 'bleached' eye brows as seen on Lara Stone for example!

Updated Topshop ones will be taken on Wednesday!


Never laughed so much in my life!! It's meant to be a prawn sushi.. not sure what the "proper" name for it is. It's for a contest but I'm too shy to post the entire look.