Sunday, 14 February 2010


Brown with gold flecks

The packaging reminds me of Mcueen

Can see the smashed silver :(

At last an update from me! Came back at around 9pm last night and should be in bed but I'm being bad and updating myself on everything that's been going on in the world of the web.

I'm also really chuffed to of find out I've won a make-up contest, which is cool as the other entries were awesome.

Anyway for the past 5 days I've been in Paris! On a art trip with school visiting popular art galleries and tourist attractions. I so want to live there, every things so beautiful and the city is full of energy.... and did I mention the HUGE L.V store there (so wish I have money). OK back to haulage. I've been drilling into my friends head about Sephora being a make-up mecca and when we did manage to get some time for shopping we (pack of 5 girls and one boy :p) swarmed into the store which was absolutely packed!!! The only thing I aimed to get at Sephora was MUFE's 92? eye-shadow but yes it was sold out so I settled for 39 which is much deeper in real life.

Going back home on the ferry also allowed for duty free makeup hauling woo. Lots of Benefit products were reduced and I managed to pick out a untouched CCS in Busy Signal for only £7.50.... bargain! I have tried this product before but in Tattle Tale and wasn't too impressed but I impulsed as its such a good deal so fingers crossed I'll prefer this one!

Another steal was the YSL eye-shadows which usually retails in store for £37? (no way I am willing to splurge on) but was reduced to £22.80, STEAL!!! Apart from me stupidly not checking to see if it was intact and finding afterwards the silver was slightly smashed :( but I'm not a fan of silver anyway! Have done a quick play around and liking the goods so far!

Will do a look soon, I think inspired by Alexander McQueen. As you have probably heard he passed away recently which I am still devastated about (yes I did shed a few tears or two). As I only recently started to love his work and had imagined I would continue seeing his work till I was grey and old. But Lee is hopefully in a better place.

See you soon!

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