Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Before, a typical look I like to do for school or shopping. Block colour blended with liner and lots of mascara! And yuck for dry lips.

After! Hopefully you can read the products she used.

First of all I feel so CRAP!! Sore throat and general sniffles. To top this off I had my art foundation year interview and my mum is getting beyond mad at my make-up buying habits (she knows I've been shopping but I'm not telling her how much I spent!!).

After my interview I returned back to Leeds to do some shopping with my close friend Elly who is coincidentally as obsessed with makeup as me but she's particularly addicted to lip products and nail polishes while I'm drawn to eye shadows (we make a good pair!).

Eventually my makeover (3:30pm) loomed and Elly decided she wanted to join me and watch. When we both got to the counter it was so busy! Luckily it was Joanna working who I've met before , meaning she'd be doing my makeover. Whilst me and Elly made ourselves useful and starting swatching stuff it was apparent Joanna had literally just finished making someone over (poor girl).

I guess she didn't recognise me at first but after I was sat down she told me she remembered me. This was my first time anyone has done makeup on me as its usually the other way round which is quite a weird experience. Joanna asked me what I wanted to achieve, and I asked for a more toned down look similar to what she was wearing (she was rocking the spring collection).

After removing my makeup we didn't concentrate on skincare too much as my skin isn't particularly problematic and I was happy with what I was using.

She went through the steps of foundation, concealer, highlighter, powder, bronzer, blusher, eyes, lips, mascara and eyebrows! Which sounds a lot (and is) but her being a pro made it so natural and non cakey!

Tips I picked up was to press powder onto the skin, tap off excess THOROUGHLY and layer on eyeshadow and obviously to blend blend blend. Obviously if I had all the time in the world I would, but sometimes I rush and that's when my makeup isn't as "perfect". Layering was another good tip as I honestly don't do it that often as I prefer to pack on colours and blend but Joanna literally spent like 30 mins just layering and blending to create a stunning gradual effect.

The highlights of my makeover would have to be the blusher, as the application and placement really made a difference and surprisingly... the brows! I usually use an angled brush but she used a small tipped brush to properly fill them in (not patchy like the befores) they look so natural!!

Joanna herself was fantastic and I'm really glad she was my artist. She was super friendly and energetic even though she had just finished a makeover and with interruptions from customers buying things and asking queries. She was also very helpful in questions me and Elly had about application and about careers in the makeup industry and told us to come back if we ever had any more questions.

So that's my review of my makeover, which started at around 3:30pm and ended around 5:00pm. I definitely don't recommend booking one if you're in a rush and please be aware there is slight delays with customers wondering in (unless your counter has more than one SA).

£30 redeemable against products! Do it, highly recommended!

My haul will be posted in a separate post and sorry for the rubbish photos but I was in a rush (I do like to make excuses don't I?) and my god do I look horrible with my eyes closed!


  1. hey hun ur makeover looked like it went well! hun I havent managed to make it down to mac this week I am hoping to get ur prize to u by next weekend! hope thats ok babe xx


  3. I've seen you around but wasn't sure if you ever read it or not, and no worries I enjoyed it alot and NARS of course :p.

  4. Where did you have this done in Leeds? I'm looking for a nars counter in Leeds x