Wednesday, 3 March 2010


lol at the lid covering my address

Huzzah! Officially broke!

New "essentials".... promise.

Hello its been awhile but school has been hectic and I'm currently not in the mood to do any snazzy make-up.

I'll start off with my haul, from L-R (all from

  1. Pro pallete blush x6- handy to have them all in one place and a good excuse to eventually get 4 more blushes.
  2. Blush ombre in Ripe Peach- I'm actually on a make-up ban cause I realise how much stuff I have BUT if there's something I don't already have and I will actually use... I'll buy it. I wasn't actually interested at first but then all the fuss from YouTube convinced me. Also just checked on-line and its sold out! So if your tempted to buy this go in store this Thursday (launches then) or you'll miss out.
  3. Brush cleanser- essential for express brush cleaning. My sister has this and works great.
  4. Blot powder pressed in Medium Dark- repurchase! My current one is finally hitting pan and I've used it for about 2 years I think (I know it sounds gross). Works great as its not chalky or makes my face cakey.
OK. Now to the update! To cut a long story short, my friend Michelle has basically referred me to the agency she works for to be a make-up artist and in return for my work they will send me the images to build up my portfolio. Its all early stages and I think I will visit them to do a shoot in the next couple of weeks. So this haul was really to get my kit prepared. Wish me luck as if it all goes well my portfolio will allow me to land a MUA job :)

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