Friday, 12 March 2010


So I was meant to do a MU job today for a model.... but the day before she said the photographer didn't want one. ANNOYING. And didn't help throughout the week I had no updates so I was left pondering if I was doing it all.

Onto more happier news I've joined the world of Model Mayhem (MM) which is basically a networking site for models, photographers, MUA's, stylists etc. I really didn't expect there to be so many different opportunities in Leeds but there is and in fact loads! I've particularly got into contact with some female photographers who are in my kind of shoes wanting to gain experience etc. Which I like the thought of, helping other local creative minds out there and giving me the chance to broaden my client base. I'm currently offering to do the MU as long as its TFCD meaning "time for CD of images", which will improve my portfolio!

I currently have 3 possible strong leads on gigs so will post if I land any :D

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