Monday, 22 March 2010


Hello everyone, so happy I have 5 subscribers!! I am over the moon!!! Anyway to celebrate the fact people are reading this blog I thought I'd post a photo of me rocking Morange lipstick by M.A.C! And like any makeup addict when you get new things......... you have to try them all out the next day- or for me Monday morning. From my H.N's kit I am so far liking the Lancome mascara as I think it really lengthens.... but I'm not loving the Bare Minerals foundation. I've used mineral makeup before so I don't have a problem with application I just find it doesn't cover well or build up.... but I will give it a couple more tries before I give it to my sister haha! And lastly how did I live without M.A.C's 239 and 224 brush!? Its f'in amazing!!

I will hopefully be posting a Alexander McQueen look from 2007 soon and a party look as I have a work do tomorrow. See you soon x x x

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