Saturday, 27 April 2013



Hey guys, so here's Katherine again and this time it's ball edition! I wanted to do somthing a bit different because I usually do a block colour smokey eye, but today I've done the more 'traditional' placement of having the darkest colour on the outside and working in. I played around with a brown gold tone eye and used a brighter shade on the lips just to add some warmth
 I've been spending more time with Katherine recently (if it sounds a bit odd that I'm saying that about my housemate, I usually go into uni 5 days a week and when I do come back home it's usually quite late and I go into isolation mode just to unwind.... open introvert here), mostly eating sushi and recommending make-up products for her, since she's becoming more interested. I hope you guys like it!
My last hand in is on the 7th, so then I'll be freeeeee - YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THAT TO HAPPEN.

Monday, 15 April 2013


Pro Kate Lee shows you how to recreate an Oscar winning look. Some handy tips too!
Molly Stern breaks down how to create a modern bold vamp lip on Mandy Moore
So many beautiful looks. Soft to dramatic...... oh I love editorial make-up. 

Charlotte Tilbury working her magic. 

My DREAM job. 

I still find this amazing. 

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Me and my mum taken during a Manchester day out with my family and best friend's family. I've not seen my best friend since last summer, she's a workaholic - uni and 4 days of work at a salon. I'm also wearing L'Oreal Paris GlamShine Stain Splash - Milady. Total YSL glossy stain dupe. Just with YSL you get more variety of shades. Your choice. 
 Another selfie. I'm weirdly fine wearing bright reds or dark plums.... but when I get into the light lilac/pink territory I get uncomfortable. I've got MAC's lipstick in Up The Amp. I've not ventured into public with it on though..... #girlproblemz
I've been slaving over this comic for so long. Even my friend couldn't believe I was still working on it when I saw him again. I just kept finding little faults and then I had some problems with printing it out (quality/colour saturation/paper)... but all sorted now. I *might* possibly try selling these in stores. I don't quite have a vision of making a 'brand' out of it but people in uni seem to be quite receptive of it and some uni staff think I should market them out.
Here's the online version. Vector art........ damn you.
 In the BALTIC library. HEAVEN. Reminds me of my art college's library.... I miss it :( 
Though the one in uni is more diverse in subjects etc it doesn't compare to walking through aisles and aisles of pure art and design publications. 
Sneaky snap at the BALTIC. Shh. My friend Celeste is the in mirror. She's awesome but she's only here for the semester which SUCKS because she's become a really good friend in a short period of time. She loves tea, printed garments and she's super funny and intelligent. She's introduced me to so many new films/music/books/ways of thinking. She's great. 
 She got me this snood from her trip in Italy. It's by Tally Weijl... and I love it. If you've seen me in real life you'll know I always have a snood round my neck. Yay for the epic zebra print.
Wine and grapes waiting for David Jablonowski with Sacha Craddock's conversation to start. You can see his foot there. It was interesting - fine art always has been for me and I personally find it refreshing compared to the design world where I feel there's more restrictions and in a way this notion of commercialism - you design for the mass and to sell.
Looking out of second floor where Yoshitomo Nara's work is scattered all over the room. I love his work so much. Obviously I can't help but be gravitated with this girl with a bob. 

Hey guys, taking a small break. Got two weeks till deadlines and I'm still a long way from finishing... juggling 4 different briefs all in different levels of completion. Wish me luck. 

Monday, 1 April 2013


I look gross but I had been up since 7 AM. Had a hair cut. Nothing adventurous and still growing out my fringe. 
 Some light reading for my dissertation proposal. I'm feeling quite positive about it because I had a tutorial with my tutor and I thought he wouldn't like my topic/subject but he said he loved it so that's a good start. I'm doing it on how women are portrayed in fashion photography - predominantly naked half the time. It's interesting to me and I love exploring media-esque side of design. As you can tell I have NO interest in writing a dissertation on graphic design/illustration. I like it/doing it but 6000 words on it.... NAH. 
I'm SOOO excited. It's the only thing motivating me right now for uni stuff to be over. 
I've wanted this book for awhile. It's HUGE and full of Kate. She's my ultimate girl crush and fellow Capricorn. Yeah that's all we have in common.
Some of my magazines/books I have at home. Each organised in their own pile: Vogue Italia, POP, LOVE, Elle (French), Elle and The Face etc.
 Because I'm cool.
 Mandatory Easter chocolate carrot. 
Yay for Chinese New Year. Theodore's been working while I've been away.
Went to my old work place to eat and I'm a sucker for anything horoscope related  I think the above sums up my personality really well.

Hey guys, my phone in action to document my oh so exciting Easter. I'm really glad I came back because I needed this break so badly. Oh and free food is a bonus.