Saturday, 27 April 2013



Hey guys, so here's Katherine again and this time it's ball edition! I wanted to do somthing a bit different because I usually do a block colour smokey eye, but today I've done the more 'traditional' placement of having the darkest colour on the outside and working in. I played around with a brown gold tone eye and used a brighter shade on the lips just to add some warmth
 I've been spending more time with Katherine recently (if it sounds a bit odd that I'm saying that about my housemate, I usually go into uni 5 days a week and when I do come back home it's usually quite late and I go into isolation mode just to unwind.... open introvert here), mostly eating sushi and recommending make-up products for her, since she's becoming more interested. I hope you guys like it!
My last hand in is on the 7th, so then I'll be freeeeee - YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THAT TO HAPPEN.


  1. Just lovely - her eye shape is so dreamy, like a 1920s Hollywood starlet.

  2. Yes indeed, when she's done with exams I'll get her on here again :)