Monday, 1 April 2013


I look gross but I had been up since 7 AM. Had a hair cut. Nothing adventurous and still growing out my fringe. 
 Some light reading for my dissertation proposal. I'm feeling quite positive about it because I had a tutorial with my tutor and I thought he wouldn't like my topic/subject but he said he loved it so that's a good start. I'm doing it on how women are portrayed in fashion photography - predominantly naked half the time. It's interesting to me and I love exploring media-esque side of design. As you can tell I have NO interest in writing a dissertation on graphic design/illustration. I like it/doing it but 6000 words on it.... NAH. 
I'm SOOO excited. It's the only thing motivating me right now for uni stuff to be over. 
I've wanted this book for awhile. It's HUGE and full of Kate. She's my ultimate girl crush and fellow Capricorn. Yeah that's all we have in common.
Some of my magazines/books I have at home. Each organised in their own pile: Vogue Italia, POP, LOVE, Elle (French), Elle and The Face etc.
 Because I'm cool.
 Mandatory Easter chocolate carrot. 
Yay for Chinese New Year. Theodore's been working while I've been away.
Went to my old work place to eat and I'm a sucker for anything horoscope related  I think the above sums up my personality really well.

Hey guys, my phone in action to document my oh so exciting Easter. I'm really glad I came back because I needed this break so badly. Oh and free food is a bonus. 

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