Friday, 29 March 2013


 A.J W-O-R-K-I-N-G IT! He's a natural let's be honest. 
 Well I finally got some attention from him!
Just a small dent to my student budget. Iphone 5. If I'm going to upgrade I might as well get the best thing out there - not like the other competitors are that much cheaper anyway. So I have a phone with a decent camera finally. So you'll probs get more photo updates on here. The photos taken of A.J were from my phone and the quality aint too bad. I'll still take photos from my DSLR but you might get the odd make-up ones from my phone if I cba lugging around my camera.
The cover is from Ohh deer  and they have a whole host of things with illustrations by some amazing illustrators. Guess who illustrated that cover. Yes. You are right. 

Hey guys, back with a fun drag look! I've wanted to do a 'proper' drag look for a really long time and A.J happened to of mentioned it this week, so Friday turned into drag night. I did initially use microporous tape but he didn't really need it (not much of a difference) and my ill preparation meant his head was uncomfortable.
It was a bit of a shaky start. I didn't have any references with me so I was just making it up as I went a long. I also felt a bit of pressure because A.J was so looking forward  to it. But in the end I managed to make it work. The lips could of been better - more exaggerated or something and I've noticed I've forgotten to add purple shading on his right inner eye. Next time I'll have to pull out all the works!

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