Saturday, 9 March 2013


I was walking to uni and this stranger randomly gave me this flower and told me to have a lovely day. I'm not even a flower person but I thought it was pretty sweet and made me smile. 
Ah this bag is amazing. Quirky design and I managed to get it half price. Scoreee. Excuse my nails, even though they are hard to ignore.
Adding to my collection of illustration publications. I need more space to keep them all. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.
Uni work:

Animatic of the story I made up. Basically brief is 1 story, 3 different narratives. I've decided to base it on my character Kitty (who has titties) who basically is in love with her owner and to win his heart thinks she needs tits. I know I'm slightly weird. I have to do it in 3 different mediums and 3 different perspectives. So this is Kitty's perspective and I'm doing hers through a stop motion animation. 
Here's a test of the the style I want Kitty to be in. Kitty brief blog:
Ahhh this is so GEEKY, but it means a lot to me. If you remember my moan about a god-damn essay early January.... well I got a fricken 1st on that god-damn essay. I mean like massive ironz I do better in an essay than any design work I've slaved a good month over. Funny thing was on the day we were due to collect them all my course mates could get there's back but me. So I got really paranoid I got done for plagiarism or something bad. Anyway towards the end of the day I could finally collect my results and the receptionist was like yeah sorry you and 3 others essays had to be photocopied to be moderated. So I was like OK... got my paper and I was like WTF. Like I suck at essays. I never feel confident about my writing skills so this is like a major boost for me to write my dissertation and say *in a ghetto accent* "you can bullshit your way through girl." While I'm milking this... how the fack did I get like all the 1st categories?! 

Hey guys, so this post isn't make-up related at all but I thought I'd share what I've been up to away from doing fun stuff (make-up). I should add 2nd year is going CRAZY fast. I break up in May. WTF. It's March already. So not ready for 3rd year, graduating and real life. My direction is pretty hazy too  - probably *will* pursue make-up professionally, but I enjoy illustration too and still want to somehow be involved with the fashion or fashion publication industry.  I'm not freaking out as much as I was last year.
I also *might* be going to teach in South Korea after graduating like my sister. I kind of passingly suggested it to my good friend Allan thinking he wouldn't want to do it but it's now kind of turned into he really wants to do it and I'm kind of hesitant. It's not necessarily a path I want to go down (teaching) but for general life experience it'd be great. A years a long time too. I like to think I'm independent but I do have a back-up when things turn to shit (parents) but obviously when I'm there I am really on my own. And I hate it when I have doubts in my head because I go into this vicious circle of talking myself into and out of things. Hmm.

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