Saturday, 4 May 2013


This was from awhile ago (2 weeks ago?) but I'm using some products I currently love and recommend. This is my go to 'night' make-up, I tend to use warm brown tones around my eyes with lots of mascara (no liner) and off set it with a deep red/berry lip 
 I've not had bubble tea in like 10 years or something. It's nice, but very sweet. Don't really want to know what crap goes in. 
My friend was shooting for her pie related project and I decided to make a cat from the left over pastry. I literally kept laughing at that photo every 5 minutes. It looks like it's been through a brawl.
Uni work which I've just handed in as part of a live brief. I think this brief actually highlighted more than anything how little self confidence I have in myself and my ideas (in terms of my own creativity). It's nothing new. I'm very modest but also lack self confidence when I'm working in a new territory. I need reassurance but at the same time when someone  believes in your idea so much it also backfires and makes my feelings even worse because I feel like I have to live up to their expectations. I think this is a typical designer/artist trait. But I thought I'd just throw it out there. Cue George Michael's Faith song playing in the background. 
More uni related things. I met Chris at a house party, we got talking and bam! He ended up helping me with my project soundtrack. Vodka is good.
Black leather weakness. I always confess to  A.J when I buy a new pair because I have so many shoes. He thinks I'm a bit insane. I am a bit insane. 
 Sorry for the massive plug about my work.. but hey I am at uni'. And unlike some students I do actually work. Maybe a bit too much at times. Anyway I got my awesome awesome friend Miriam to model for my comic. She's becoming my hand model for all my projects!
Literally across the road from where I live. LOL at the police. Oh Fenham.
This is probably really old but I only discovered it 2 days ago. 

Hey guys, so my last two hand ins are due on Tuesday and then I'm FREEEEE! I'm going to be sticking around Newcastle for a good while I think. I need to sort out placements and other errands and actually have fun in my house for once because I'm usually so wrapped up with work. Lots of sensible drinking  and making the most of Celeste being around before she goes. And of course A.J, I couldn't of finished one of my briefs without him and he's got his own workload already. Thank-you. AND make-up! I'll be back to my normal schedule. Lots of fun make-up looks to make it up to you guys. Thanks for sticking around! 

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