Sunday, 19 May 2013


My friend Kathryn! Sorry for the low quality photo but the lighting was really poor. I forgot to take a before photo much to her relief I think (she looks lovely anyway). The brief was smokey eye and deep lip but 'natural' looking. So no TOWIE make-up style. I mainly focused on the eyes with a warm bronze toned smokey eye and lashes paired with a stained berry lip (Becca). Everything else was kept quite minimal. Kathryn was really happy with the lashes which I'm happy about because for a good while it's something I had to keep working at. The secret is DUO adhesive (best eyelash glue EVER), Bourjois lash applicator and to curl your real and false eyelashes together to bind them - otherwise you get the tell tale sign of an obvious divide between the two. Practice makes perfect though! Steady hand and keep checking they are adhered well :)
I look kind of cross eyed here but I thought I'd do some fun eyeliner when my flat mate had a food gathering night thing. 
Me and the boy. I've not been out out with him in AGGGGES. It was quite low key till we ended up at this very camp bar (I LOVE camp men). A bit drunk, a few things happened but was good, or shall I say interesting. I'll say interesting. Definitely interesting. 
This was taken on Friday, enjoying my local park. I had no idea but it's huge... and there's a MASSIVE pond. So I spent my afternoon half attempting to read my book that I've had for ages, laughing at the boys and watching people haul in some fishes. 

Hey guys, small update. It's been an emotional week for me, I think I'm starting to worry my parents because ever since we've started skyping (well them working out how to do it) I've just broken down each time. Mostly about stupid things. LIFE. Also something I've kept on the low was I applied for a job at MAC as a retail artist.... and I didn't even get through the first stage. I was a bit disheartened.  I can only think I'm *still* lacking on retail experience front..... could be a whole host of things too.  But I was pretty gutted. But I'm going to keep trying - you have to work hard for something you want. 

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