Saturday, 6 February 2010


L.F and M.C (Michelle Cheung) are back again! OK. I am a total perfectionist and I cannot stand looking back at the old shots I did before (do some archiving!). Hot blurred mess. Yuck.

If I say so myself these shots are 1000x better and actually run cohesively now then before. Pressure to do better did make the "bitch" L.F to come a bit but Michelle didn't take it offensively... but if you want something done you got to be (slightly) ruthless right?!

Michelle's skin was quite hard to work with today as it was really dry and flaky but the black and white hides it all... woo. The make-up was just pinky-raspberry stained lips ( I've been loving stains lately) with an intense black smoky eye (all around eyes with lots of eye-liner) and false eyelashes... which I had problems with as I kept sticking Mich's eyelashes stuck together. Practice makes perfect guys!

Overall. Happy? Oui. Oui.

p.s these shots are for media

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