Tuesday, 2 February 2010


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The pamphlet cover

Booklet cover which housed my sample

So I was mooching around Leeds today, on one of those days where you don't particularly have lots of money and you don't really need to buy anything.

Just when I was about to leave Harvey Nichols where I was just aimlessly at MAC swatching everything. I decided, no I'll go to Nars cause I want to try something out and I will not feel intimidated by the M.A!

Got there and I spotted the M.A who I've seen a few times and told her I wanted to try out Nars' sheer matte foundation. Once she tested it on me, I decided to *shock horror* actually hold out a conversation about how I wanted to know more about Francois :p, the brand and what they carried. The M.A called Jo/Joanna was really really nice which was a pleasant surprise as I presume most of you have experienced ( I have anyway) the either stuck up or pushy sales assistant. But no she was lovely and took her time to show and demonstrate how products worked and what would suit me.

Since I didn't have enough money with me and wasn't prepared to splash out (again) on another foundation anytime soon. I asked for a sample of the foundation which surprise surprise was not available in my shade, so I had to opt for a lighter shade. As well as this she also gave me a foundation pamphlet which has the amazing Francois at the back!! And mentioned they did "makeovers" and makeup lessons which costs £30 but is redeemable against purchase.

So next time your are shopping in Leeds check out the Nars counter! The products are so nice and I might be tempted to book a lesson after the Paris trip........bad l.f!!!

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