Thursday, 19 August 2010


Excuse the messy hair. I was playing around with the web-cam feature on my new laptop- hurrah!

Hey guys! I think I'll start with the most exciting news...... my A-level results:
Media - A
Textiles - A
Art - A*
I am beyond HAPPY!!! I can't believe I managed to get an A in media ( I really thought I'd get a B- not that I would be complaining). The hard work really paid off- thank-you media teachers!!!!
Textiles, I am really happy about too because in the actual exam I got a C. So to still pull off an A I am really stoked.
Lastly A* in art. WOW, I feel honoured because my year 13 art pads were not the greatest- quantity and quality wise.
Anyway onto art college. I've only been for 3 days so I can't make too much of a judgement but I do like it. We have a 3 week introduction period so atm we are just doing a bit of everything to build up skills.
I got put into the same group of A.J (the guy I mentioned in my previous post) so coincidence or what!! And friends wise.... its looking good. So far I'm in this small group and I like the fact we have a mix of personalities, age, interests....its all dandy!
So yeah everything is going to plan and I am comforted with the reassurance my grades will hopefully mean uni's will like me next year.

Talk soon x x x


  1. hey :) well done in your exams :) i had a A* in sociology and a B in textiles so im chuffed too :) x and i have my interview for my art course at uni today at half 3 so thats v. exciting :P
    Hope you enjoy your first week at colllage

  2. Wow go you with your A*!!! Good grades going on. And sure they'll accept you. Tell me how it goes. And thank-you :D

  3. hey thanks again x your grades were amazing too i was like wooooww when i read your post x
    Yeh my interview went fab and i got accepted was my first ever interview in life lol and they only told me it was today this morning so i dnt even have time to stress so i wasnt nervouse lol i was probs too chuffed with my results to stress. :) x so happy! x
    bet you are too x
    Sophie - lou x