Tuesday, 20 July 2010


MODELS OWN- my favourite nail polish brand! My only gripe is that it has toluene in!!
Champagne, Coral Reef, Lilac Dream and Nude Beige

O.P.I NAIL LAQUER- good but too pricey!
Give Me Moor, My Daddy Is The King and Isn't It Romantic?

Me wearing I.T.R it has a really cool blue pearl duo-chrome, which you can see from the flash!

GOSH- love Rainbow!!!
Holographic, Purple Heart and Rainbow

N.Y.C- really like too!
Manhattan and West Villiage

EYEKO- nice but formula quite sheer so need to build up!
Cosmic, Indigo and Vintage

COLLECTION 2000- don't like formula, really hard to work with!
Button Moon and Hoola Hoop

NAILS INC- chips on me like crazy!!!
Victoria and lost name of the other one sorry!

RIMMEL- cheap and cheerful! Like.
Red Carpet and Sky High

Hey guys, I should really dedicate this post to Miss Steer (obsessed- actually our running joke is she got me into nail polishes and I got her into M.A.C :p) and the whole blogging world because I did not have the slightest interest in nail polishes until both came into my life.
The ones that I have shown are the ones that I wear most often/like (I've missed out Barry M's Mushroom!!!).
I generally like to wear really dark nails and for a change wear a bold colour or go all 'nude'.

Talk soon and I'd like to see your collection/favourites :)


  1. hey :) havent heard from you in a while , hows things? what date do you get your resluts ? i cant wait im so excited just to see what they are! :) x hope to hear from you soon x
    Sophie-lou x

  2. Hey, sorry I am around and I have been reading your posts and thanks for the tag!!! I've just been a lazy blogger :P Results should be 19th? I think. I'm excited too... not long now!!

  3. yeh mine are the 19th just wondered if yours were the same day :) yay cant wait! Theres a lot to look forwards to here my best friend is about to give birth any time now so thats v. exciting and then my results so lots to hopefully celebrate soon :) x Great to hear from you again x Glad your still here :P
    Sophie-lou x

  4. Yep lots to look forward to and awhh awesome bet it'll be a cutie!!! And yeah I'll try making more of an effort :D