Thursday, 29 July 2010


Shoot on Wednesday at Studio 19- me concentrating! Only finished the eyes by that time.

M.U- L.F
Nails- M.C
Model- H.A

Hey guys!! Update from me. The photo above is just a sneak preview of the shoot I was involved in. The photographer- Natascha aka idollphamine will be sending me some pro' portfolio-worthy images soon :)

So on Wednesday it was my first ever 'major' job with a pro' photographer in a real studio. I did a 'intense' smokey eye- which if I break it down was just a black exaggerated 'cat' eye and the lower lid a deep matte purple with smudged black and nude lips on H.A. I need to practice on timing as an hour flew by and I was still not finished even with M.C's help!

Also my lack of updates is because my computer died on me a week ago (don't think there's a chance for recovery) so I've got a 'new' one but its lacking programmes I need to edit photo's etc.

When all things are sorted out I will be carrying on with my eras series and show you my new kit stuff such as Sugarpill eye shadows and Z-palette's (so convenient)!!

Lastly next week on Tuesday I should be having a M.A.C lesson which I'm really excited about (my mum has yet to find out I'm spending more money on make-up). Its £50 for an hour and a half and is fully redeemable against products- think I'm going to get more brushes. The lessons are designed to teach methods more thoroughly and I'm always happy to learn new techniques and pester the MUA on how they got started :P

Talk soon guys! And I'll leave it on a sad note.... I start art college in 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!!! Not fair.


  1. Way to go! It's so exciting to see you working your way up and now doing a pro photoshoot!

    Can't wait to see what else you will do.

  2. Awh thanks, first of many I hope :D