Thursday, 16 June 2011


The home of Geordie Shore.......yay *coff*

Hey guys, a ramble from me! Firstly it's official-official I will be going to Northumbria mid September to study graphic design which is exciting and kind of scary at the same time... thinking about it I don't have long. I don't feel 'ready' for uni' even though I've done a foundation, but I guess you can never be ready can you?
Anyway I've had a little I-deserve-loads-of-new-things-for-completing-F.A.D spree and I've bought myself 6* make-up books I've always wanted to own. So far it's been a good investment.
 As you know I've never been formally taught, I've just been self teaching. And particularly one book has taught me things I haven't even considered and it's just nice to learn the 'official rules' of make-up from industry professionals.
Speaking of make-up, this is the season where I get some proper freelance jobs! I'm really fortunate to have people recommend me so in the next couple of weeks I should be doing 7* prom jobs which is why you won't see any looks from me as my kit is all packed up for the gigs and frankly after I do sessions of make-up I like to  give myself a break from it.
Look forward to make-up prom trial photos and final prom day outcomes in the next couple of weeks!
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