Friday, 24 June 2011


E.T getting her hair done

Hey guys, so here is E.T's make-up for prom. She wanted a black smokey eye and to spice it up I blended in some greys and some inner highlight. Quite unusual to get a request for this type of make-up for prom. I had to really make sure to keep patting on the black!
I'm more happy with the outcome on the final day then the trial I had with her as I had a few hiccups during the trial.
The only part I'm not too keen on is the eyelashes....I had no idea she wanted lashes (confirmed during trial) so I obviously I didn't pack any glue (Duo). So I had to use the ones that came with the lashes. My only gripe with the 'free' ones is that I find they don't adhere as well which= lifting of the eyelashes.
Browsing through the photos I can see the corners had already lifted (when I finished they were fine).
 Anyway lesson is always bring and use Duo!

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