Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Jonas Akerlund did an amazing job! And I think Moss totally encapsulated the spirit of the Dior woman
Screen-shots from the commercial that captured her look the best
My version! Not sure why I'm looking so glum.... maybe because I'm placing a photo of myself next to Moss!
I break down the entire look in the video! From how to recreate a similar effect to the make-up products to achieve it!! 
Please check it out AND read the description box as I said some errors in the video

Hey guys, so this is take 2 of my recreation of Moss's look from the Dior addict lipstick commercial. Not sure why but it seems not as dramatic as I wanted. Comparing to the source image her eyeliner still has a more angular 'blocky' effect compared to mine- I did try!
Anyway the only similar feature I have with Moss is we both have small eyes. So if you have a larger lid space area you will have to fill this space with the liner so that when you relax the eye you can only see the liner on the lid (if you look at the reference photos when Moss 'relaxes' her eyes it's just a solid black on the lid BUT note she does have slightly hooded eyelids which might contribute to this).
I hope you enjoyed this, maybe my look is a more toned down version! But as I mentioned in the video the graphic cat eyeliner isn't about a fluid flick. Her's has a more angular 'straight' block shape (It's a more raised shape).

ALSO not make-up related......but I got my F.A.D results last Friday (seems like forever ago now) and a got a distinction! I really wasn't expecting it but I am really pleased to get such a good outcome from my foundation year.
My results also mean I will be going to Northumbria next year to do graphic design as I've met my conditions (I just needed to pass). I've yet to hear any 'official' news from them so will be postponing any celebrations till I get the OK go!

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