Tuesday, 31 May 2011


 Playing with different shapes
 A more wearable make-up- focusing on the lower lash line
Love the two extremes, think this was my bleached brows period
 This was the actual look from the PLAY post. I'm not keen on the brows, what do you guys think?
 Playing with strong elongated brows with anchoring eyeshadow
 Messing around with eyeliner
 I did finish this look but in the end photographs my skin was just a horrendous flaky mess that just ruined the whole look. The flicks are not to my standards either!
 Want to see the full face from PLAY 2? There you go!

Hey guys, just thought I'd share these photographs with you. The reason why I haven't posted full blog posts on most of them is.... I'm just not happy with the end images! So before I wash everything off I like to take a quick snap with my webcam to evidence my wasted efforts!


  1. really beautiful looks! you're very talented!