Monday, 30 May 2011


I've succumbed to the world of Tumblr, but don't despair (a bit dramatic I know) I'm not ditching blogger! TUMBLEWEED isn't exactly a 'blog'. I'm not actually going to upload/post my own content, I'm just going to be re blogging things I like or inspiring to me. So a bit like a online collage blog! Plus with Tumblr I don't have to worry about sources etc. 
I've named it TUMBLEWEED (play on Tumblr name) as I didn't want it to be just focusing on make-up or art and design. It's like a visual diary so it will be have a mix of references including  film, music etc. BUT hopefully inspiring nevertheless!
I've been posting on TUMBLEWEED for awhile now so there's a couple of pages you guys can already sift through.
So if you want to, check out TUMBLEWEED! And perhaps follow as I often update once a day!

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