Saturday, 21 May 2011


Break time!
Me at work with my concentration face on
J.M as 'evil clown'.
 Sugarpill and M.U.F.E 12 flash colour case saved the day!
 For the lips I decided to fade the upper lip which I think worked well
E.B as 'cheeky clown'
Her tights inspired this make-up and coincidentally my M.U.F.E case had the exact same matching colours.
I divided her face in two halves and concentrated the colour at the centre and then faded them out to blend into her bare skin. For the lips we reversed the colour ways, which was actually E.B's idea and works with the clown idea
 H.C as 'doll clown'
For this look I painted on some bottom lashes and focused on the rounded bright pink cheeks placed on the apples. For the lips I pressed on a matte eyeshadow on the centre of her lips to create a doll-like mouth appearance
 M.G as 'happy clown' 
Using a triangle stencil which I prepared earlier I just placed the triangles onto her eye area and filled it in using the turquoise shade from my M.U.F.E case and for the lips I used an O.C.C lip tar which I don't recommend as it feathered like mad! This make-up was inspired by the diamond tile pattern on her garment
S.H as 'geeky clown'
Using the gold Collection 2000 glitter liner (LOVE these) I just patted this around her eye concentrating at the lash line area. The lips I used a dark berry shade to tie in with her garment
All laughs and no tantrums!
 In character mode!
Clowning about *badoosh*
After a long days work!


Hey guys, I actually did this shoot on Thursday but I've been too lazy trying to edit photos as I had to trawl through over 400! Anyway my good friend Emily Hewitson asked me if I would be interested in doing the make-up for her circus themed fashion collection, and of course I said yes!
We had a brief discussion the day before on plans on the make-up, but we pretty much made them up on the spot with the help of her garments and the themes each one had (p.s I am not responsible for the horrible names for each one!!!).
I really enjoyed the shoot as this is actually my first one where I could have a lot of freedom and input and create more fashion inspired looks. 
The day was very intensive working from 10-4. I was also very fortunate to have models whose skin were flawless! I had such skin envy!!! And obviously the environment was very nice (thank-you guys for looking after me!) and I enjoyed helping out my friend (known since 6th form) who is very talented and hardworking (she ended up taking responsibility as photographer aswell as directing everyone!)

The final images I will upload in a couple of days, so for now enjoy these behind the scenes shots :)

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