Monday, 21 June 2010


Note I had this make-up on for a good 8 hours! For once the weather was actually nice so had the opportunity to dig out my sun-glasses- yay! However I 'HATE' sunny weather, it makes my oh-so-annoying oily skin, well more annoying. ATM not sure if the benefits of a wrinkle free forehead and nose will be worth the wait.
Anyway I decided to do a thick winged out eyeliner today and the lady at M.A.C was like "ohhh, did you do it yourself?" Which is always nice :D Random tangent but how old do I look? I'm not bothered about aging but I hate how I just have this 'mature' not 18 face'!!!

Zara- £9.99, so pricey for me (and TOTALLY not worth the price tag) but I just love the print of cats!! DAMN you Miu Miu!!!!

Models Own- Lilac Dream £5
Rimmel London 60 seconds- 825 Sky High £4?!

Back-to-M.A.C! I know I have quite a few lipsticks but I wanted a 'everyday' wearable shade that made my lips look natural-but-better! So I picked Fanfare lipstick which is a cremesheen formula and is described by M.A.C as a mid-tone yellow pink.

Bad bad bad L.F. Models Own- Champagne £5 and the nail thingy-ma-bob came free (usually £3). Utter impulse buy!

Ardell Fashion Lashes- 117 £5, these are for my prom btw!

I LOVE Ardell lashes and I'm so glad the UK now stock them. They are as you can see 100% human hair, which means they not only super-lightweight and easy to put on they blend really naturally unlike the typical plastic kind.

They come in a huge range of designs (Boots anyway) and I chose these babies instead of the infamous demi-wispies ( which I do love too) as I wanted something different. I know the lashes are dramatic but I think you can tell I don't mind experimenting. For those who like more 'classic' tame lashes they stock more subtle designs too :)

Topshop- £3 (sale). I would NEVER pay the usual £12, pffft. Thinking of wearing this with white shirt, hair up with strong lips? Pretty sad that I'm planning a look for a non-existent event isn't it?

Hello guys!!! I am back with a teeny haul! Since my sister came back from uni' I haven't had time for 'sister time' with my exams and all and after my exams were over, times started clashing but today we finally had time to SHOP!

I did more of the shopping as usual and as usual I persuaded my sister to buy unnecessary items (hehehe, I so should be a sales women)! C.F being lovely also treated me to Wagamama's (never knew there was one in Leeds)! Which was nice and.....expensive! 'Fit' waiter though.......

Talk soon!

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